OD Battery Cam Pro, "Code 9 Stat" (playback error)

Love da Cam !
Love da Concept !

Hate the “Code 9”, playback error code !

Here’s what I have.

ODBCP Cam - Updated
Wyze App - Updated
ODBCP Cam - Records
ODBCP Settings - Notifications n Recording length, all set (30 ft, Motion Tagging, Pet, Person, Pkg, etc, etc.)

Other Cams - Playback “No Runs, Hits or Errors” !

I tried “Cam alerts” n got Code 9
I tried “Cam Logged Events” n got a Code 9

I also spotted a $tray cat napping, undetected on my ODBCP’s field of view, too.

Wyze Guru’s, What is my next step ?

B4 a "Support Ticket ", is sent into the Wyze Bermuda Triangle, for help . :anguished::ship::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: