Error Code 06: Failed to upload the video to the cloud on Battery Cam Pro

I have 3 Battery Cam Pro cameras that successfully record video to the SD cards, but will not play back the events back from the Cam Plus cloud, even though the Events Tab shows the recording trigger and duration (e.g., Person, 28sec).

I have PanCams, (v1 and v2), Outdoor Cams (v1 and v2), and Video Doorbell on the same network and they are working properly.

My research shows that this Error Code 06 playback issue with CamPlus has been around since at least 2021. Has anyone found an effective solution for this?

I have reset routers, upgraded firmware, logged out of the app, removed and reenrolled the cameras in CamPlus… Nothing works.

I like these Battery Cam Pro cameras and would like to continue using them, but Wyze’s inability to address a basic, longstanding issue like this is certainly troubling.

Has anyone got any solutions?

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Same thing here. I have two battery pro and error 6. Wyze has dropped the ball and do not know how to fix. Replaced one and same thing. Good camera but don’t know what to do know.