O people Detection!

I have 3 regular Wyze cams. One is in our kitchen which captures the whole kitchen and points to a sliding glass door. One is in our front window and points outside. The other is in our back window for the yard and garage. The one in our kitchen picks up everything. Sound. Motion. People. The ones looking out window captures mostly motion like cars and tree branches moving but NEVER PEOPLE. I’ve had several amazon delivers and not one notification for capturing a person. That is the most important and I have tried everything to no avail. :disappointed:

Person detection might not work as good through glass


Works for me through glass.
Person detection with a V2 cam is based on an algorithm, not PIR.

Remember it’s also based on the 12 second on/5 minutes off Wyze rule.
Here’s my last UPS delivery, through a window.


What detection settings (sensitivity) do you use for your camera?

What position do you have your camera set, is the front right against the glass ?

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I have the V2 but not sure what this means… based on an algorithm, not PIR.

Thank you

The one that took that video - close, it’s hung on with velcro. But I have others that are hanging inches from the glass and detect motion, that is based on pixel change.
But what does it matter - the camera does it with software that processes the “motion detection” stream.

I leave them about halfway.


The camera detects motion based on pixel change, Then there is software that decides if it’s a “people”. Some cameras use Passive InfraRed (PIR).

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Mine through the window detects motion fine not so sure about it tagging people though

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I have all cameras set on 50 motion 50 sound.

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50 on all cameras for motion and sound.

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As far as motion the sensitivity, settings tell what % of pixels need to change to trigger event but not the number of pixels, The pixel algorithm means a lot of possibly irrelevant events from bugs,wind,etc.
The motion sensors at about $6 a pop are more effective in picking up people, animals etc which have heat signatures and they aren’t limited by the 5 minute cool-down that the pixel based cams are.

But they don’t work through most glass windows. And are technically “inside devices”.


Both good and correct points. Glass especially. Mine are outside under overhangs and other than I know I’ve voided my warranty, no problems so far.

Yeah just looking for a way to avoid having cars notify me every alert but camera still doesn’t pick up the Fedex drivers dropping off packages or people walking by. My camera is points out glass window next to door. Would putting a sensor near my door help with person detection?

I had the same problem. live on a dead end street in a town where people obviously cannot read ‘Dead End’ on a sign so we get turnarounds all night. No matter what adjustment I used the lights would trigger the events.
I put a motion sensor in and turned the cam detection off and have no more false alarms and better detecting. Plus the sensor does not have the 5 minute cool off period that the cam does, it will pick up the truck, delivery, return to truck,etc.

have to disagree. one of our cams is up against the glass inside a florida room. it NEVER misses detecting a person, once they are within about 12’.

we have another outdoor cam mounted on the ceiling of our porch roof. it misses the ups guy all the time, and only detects us as people when we walk right toward it. it is within 10’ of the front door.

for us, it’s hit or miss…


Does the motion sensor attach to the camera. Can you link exactly what the sensor is I need to buy. Thanks. This is all new to me.

The bridge(you must have) 2 contacts and a motion sensor

I was having a similar problem until I clicked on the “wyze service” (on the email from wyze) and followed the instructions for the person detection to be included on my cameras. I kept trying to find it in my app and it finally showed up after I clicked on it through the email. If you’ve already done that then excuse the ring, sometimes I get motion detection that isn’t identifying a person with that tag but mostly it works perfectly now. Mine are all inside pointing out through glass one even through a screen and they all work great.