O people Detection!

I recant , further testing showed me that it does work


think i also read about a work around for the 5-minute cool down: select record events only (as opposed to continuous recording) to the sd and, supposedly, you’ve bypassed the cool down period

i have to test…can anyone verify?

I know right , I always wonder why they can’t read the dang sign.
I live on a dead end street , I very seldom get turnarounds at night, but when I do I want to know it.
I have a Blink and a V2 covering the end of the street in front of my driveway

Wish that was my situation. We live near bars and restaurants downtown so after hours the end of our street can be anything from makeout spot to public restroom. Mostly lots of turnarounds but late at night it needs monitoring. Caught 3 guys one night breaking into my car.

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A few years ago I had a guy parked right in the driveway, drunk , didn’t even really know where he was , I could have called the cops but, I finally got a hold of his wife to come get him out of there.
A few days ago an SUV with teenagers game down at dusk , 2 of them got out and crawled up in the back then they took off.
I knew exactly what they were doing because there is a drive in theater about half a mile away

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that is incorrect. the only “workaround” for the 5 minute cool down on notifications is to use the Wyze Motion sensor. if you use that to trigger cameras to record, the “cooldown” period is the amount of time it takes the sensor to clear, which is 1 minute. the notification comes from the sensor and not the cloud. but the current dilemma with that is that the person detection does not scan the smart video alerts which is the sensor detection. it only works on the pixel detection from the camera itself so if you use the sensor to limit the cool down, you wont have person detection. it is something being looked into though. so maybe one day in the future person detection will work with the sensors as well.

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now that i’ve tested, nope, it doesnt clear the cool down…we’ve bought 12 wyze cams and thinking about returning all of them :confused:

I have 2 V2s. One’s pointed through a window, onto my driveway and walkway to my front door, somewhat like yours. It has worked as intended before and since the upgrade/addition of person differentiation. The infrared feature, of course, doesn’t function through the glass. I installed a microSD card and have the cam on “always record”, as a cumbersome workaround for the 5-min “cooldown” periods, which also works normally.
Within the past 5 days, this camera stopped distinguishing “person” from non-person movement for about 24 hours, then stopped recording events altogether (Meanwhile, my second camera continued to normally detect “person” vs non). I verified that the settings hadn’t been changed, and restarted the camera from the app (did not un+replug it); after this, it worked normally again.
I’m unsure why yours isn’t differentiating a “person”.
I would recommend the following:
•Use the steel mounting base, and affix the camera toward the top of your window; This will allow you to get a better angle on the walking areas of your yard/yards, as you can more easily tailor the detection zone to exclude things like street traffic, swaying branches, and other regular movement. It’s nice to not have events every 5-6 minutes, 24/7, and makes sd-card playback during cooldown periods somewhat manageable.
•Unplug/replug or restart the camera with the issue (I assume the upgrade was installed).
•Check/reestablish all settings.
•If it still doesn’t work properly, swap it with one of the other two cameras in your house, and see what happens; If the others work as designed, in the same spot, and with the same settings, you’ll know you have 1 bad camera.
Good luck


I have same issue since the update for “Person” - Spent many hours trying to fix - Wyze personnel working on this - I hope.

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I’m no expert but looks pretty far from window as someone else mentioned theirs being closer to the glass as is mine. I also turn off the camera IR lights and use an external IR light on the outside plus a motion light. Mine picks up every person as I’ve been checking all events. Initially there were some misses on another camera but it’s not at the recommended height either. Here’s a person detection https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/0/06f3cbd386811cb63bb9ed9fdee81015e51e2feb.mp4 vid of amazon delivery through double pane glass.


Is there a difference on mount height for these cameras…the one outside and inside?

Be forewarned @Swedutch the PIR motion sensors are also very good at picking up heat signature changes when the sun warms up a part of space. From looks of where you’re trying to capture you may be OK, but I’m unable to place the PIR motion sensor on my sunny porch and use it as my “mammal trigger” because it basically goes off anytime the :sun_with_face: comes out and warms up a section of the porch.

Also, car heat signatures I believe can trigger the PIR motion sensor, depending on the busyness of your street that could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Finally, be aware that person detection algorithm doesn’t run on the video clips that are captured by the PIR motion sensor recordings. So there is currently no way to “filter” for persons only if the clip where the person was captured was triggered by the PIR motion sensor.


You may need to get it closer to the window, try to minimize any glare causing it to not have a clear image

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yes (wondered about that). the inside one is sitting on the window sill, about 6’ off the ground. i sacrifice night vision tho, and need to mount it outside under a pergola.

the 2nd is mounted on the ceiling of the porch (9’ ceiling) and about 10’ from the front door.
if i put it much closer to the door, the lights affect how well the ir works.

Jason makes a great point. I’m attaching video to illustrate. I mounted one camera inside a window even though I’ve got a Ring on my porch someone could take it. I’m paranoid because we’ve had some things taken. There are so many things to take into account for cameras through glass especially double pane glass. You want there to be no light coming from behind the camera. I’ve got a 17 bulb atom light in my foyer and it totally messes up the camera. Even a lamp causes glare. I try to put as much light outside the glass as I can to compensate and ideally butt the camera straight up to the glass but I had to angle mine some so I expect some issues. This is no fault of the camera as it’s not designed to be used through glass. I’m attaching one vid (sorry for background noise son playing FortNite) that shows my external IR initially and the camera adjusting to the motion light activating on the porch. The second video shows my husband walking through the house with that atom light on. It’s all reflection off the glass and picks up and overlays a small section outside near a lantern. Both vids triggered the person detection even the reflection inside because of that light. There are specific height and distances suggested for person detection. I’ve got a couple mounted above the six foot rec and they are still pretty accurate but when they miss I feel like that’s the reason. I’m the only person who doesn’t register and I’m the smallest person in our house so that’s probably why. Lots of factors to consider with mounting these for person detection https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/2/2a4de82d1c7a61bc4f335ddfbf5169daff524ad3.mp4 https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/4/4bb59e7af1d3ddb61443506efde5003da49f3f60.mp4 especially through glass.

Thank you… trying that today.

Why return? These are great, low cost cameras compared to their capabilities, with really good image quality, and coming with zero service fees.
They are NOT “security” cameras per se but more of monitoring devices.
In order to fully utilize them, plug in a SD card in each camera and set for “record event” only.
Then play around until you have setting that works for you.


@wesochuck - that’s very interesting.I have one of my sensors facing the rising sun under an overhang where it is protected from direct rays but “sees” every nuance of sun on our deck from daybreak until after noon. I have no problem with false alarms there and it is almost agonizingly accurate otherwise. Worked on the deck for a couple of hours and then we ate dinner outside last night and I had a seemingly endless stream of event vids.

At first I thought it was just me or a problem with one sensor, but I’ve tried with multiple motion sensors and have seen others report the same on the forum.

My guess is that because the porch has sunny and shady spots and is a dark carpet color that is where the problem comes in. The sun’s rays hit part of the porch, warm up that one spot and then there is a big temperature difference between the two sections and this triggers the PIR motion.

If there were some way to truly know what field the PIR sensor is seeing, maybe there would be a way to adjust it just perfectly to avoid this problem. Some have said that putting a piece of tape over part of the sensor worked for them. Inverting the sensor might also help, since I believe the “sweep” of the sensor range is more 180 degrees than 360.

I’ve had nothing but problems and excuses. But, I switched to 350P and have fewer.

Let me know if it helps. Great price for the product but ONLY if it works.

I don’t need some wyze employee telling me about all the “Instruction Videos” on YouTube.

Why the hell should I spend hours of MY time, to help correct what they cannot seem to fix.

They’ve got a lot of work to do. My units switch themselves on and off, turn the sound on by themselves and miss activity entirely.

Good luck. Seriously. Hope 350P helps.