Betrayed by wyze!

I feel so STUPID! What do I tell all the people I convinced to buy WyzeCams? Since my first WyzeCam in November 2018, I’ve been extremely pleased with the over-the-top customer service, corporate honesty with us, and product.

About a month ago, my person detection, notifications and reliability in general dropped to about 30-40 percent, with no rhyme or reason. Knowing that Wyze was not at fault (sarcasm), I restructured my networks, bought a new router, bought a WiFi extender, deleted and reinstalled my cameras and app multiple times, spent countless hours running back and forth each time, testing the cameras and weeks haunted by what I might have done to be driving me crazy like this.

Finally, I opened a service ticket (664908) and got an instant fix from “Gearard”, which worked for one day. I had even suggested that their app was the problem, but that was never acknowledged as a possibility. Finally, upon my second support request referring to the same ticket, Gearard said that they were working on a new app, which should give me hope. 12 days later I posted my grief here - that nothing had improved, but the next day, 7/29, I noticed a prompt in the app to update my app and cameras, which I did. I then posted an apologetic message, because the cameras all worked great - upon testing twice! Even the audio sync was way better. i contacted friends, telling them to update too. But this is now 7/30 and reality has set in.

On (only) one of my cameras, a “Person” event was over 3 minutes long. The Person was present for less than 10 seconds, but I had to sit through over 3 minutes wondering what else was there. After a couple more similar “events”, I realized that (only) this camera indicated “minutes and seconds” of an event instead of just “Person” and a 12-second clip. I’ve always been happy with just a 12-second clip of only Person detections, so I found what looked like a way in the app to stop the “CMC”. So now, that camera DOES NOT HAVE PERSON detection, and the new app does not appear to allow it being added back to that camera, even though my other cameras allow it.

I feel so scammed. I expect to start getting calls from friends asking me what’s going on. I hope that Wzye awakens from this immense PR blunder and adjusts in an effort to go back to their wonderful ethic before too much (more) damage is done. Being lazy, I hate to have to start the research all over again for a replacement product. I would have been happier if they had charged $10 more per camera upfront and not changed the rules in the middle of the game. Marketing psychology involves looking (and planning) ahead, which was certainly not done here. I’m tapping my foot in impatience, waiting (how long I don’t know) to see if Wyze will make this right and just leave me to my 12-second clips and person detection. If you want to raise your price to $40/camera, I might still add one or two (the value is there, but YOU didn’t have the confidence in your own product) - but I want to enter a purchase with my eyes wide open. So surprised and disappointed!


WYZE is loathe to admit their app or hardware is ever at fault. Why? Seemingly large numbers of people (based on Facebook and Amazon reviews.) have no problems. I’m not one of them. So, I don’t know what the answer is. I see forum members post problems every day. The usual response is to treat the forum member like an idiot, offering such sage advice as; reboot, download the latest app. update your drivers etc. as though they hadn’t thought of that. Next they tell you to buy a better router, get a mesh system, get a better phone etc. While I’ll admit some people are too dense to even plug the power in, that’s not usually the case. The app does have several operator gotchas that cause some problems.
The reason I believe Wyze has problems is because I have other cameras on my system that are not Wyse cams and they have worked flawlessly compared to Wyze.


Appreciate your thoughts; in sync. For future reference, would you please share the brand/s of other cameras that have served as well or better? I’ll do the research if and when the time comes.
Thanks again.

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Did you ever have a CMC subscription on that camera?
I am asking because I noticed that if you add a new camera in the current app it, by default, leads you to starting a trial subscription to Cam Plus.

My current camera inventory that is running 24/7:
2 Wyze V2s, white
1 Wyze V2, black
1 Wyze Pan Cam
Running Wyze app on Android only.

3 Yi 1080p Home Cams.
Running Yi app on Android and Windows
2 Huawai phones (Used, bought on Ebay) running ip webcam Pro on Android and Windows.
(Same developer as Tinycam)

Yi Advantages: Has both an Android and a Windows app. Keeps recording for as long as there is movement and provides footage before and after the “event” as long as there is movement. Has a slightly better motion detect zone option. You can select a smaller zone than Wyze and thus have fewer unwanted event notifications. Yi has a free “Person” detection option that works at least as good as Wyze. The Yi app is noticeably snappier when enabling camera views and uploading videos from the SD card. Yi video frame rate is 20Fps vs Wyse 15Fps and produces smoother videos. I have never had SD card recording or formatting issues with Yi. Notifications have been much more reliable than Wyze. They have been running 24/7 outside for months without a hiccup.

Ip camera phone advantages using ip webcam Pro:
Viewing on both Android and Windows.
Probably the highest video resolution possible for an inexpensive camera.
Yes, you can read a license plate from a distance. Much faster video frame rate than Wyze.
By far the detection zone selection. (I don’t see why Wyze couldn’t copy this)
The main downsides to this system are; no cloud recording or uploading the video from The camera SD card, no night vision LEDs. But, you have almost complete control of the camera’s scene mode and exposure. I have had two of these ip phone cameras running for months with no issues.

Wyze advantages:
Arguably “cuter”, has a better base and better mounting options. The Wyse app has more user options including timelapse recording, IFTTT, and more night vision options.
Wyse provides a free 12s cloud video clip, Yi provides 6. (Yi offsets this by providing video recording to the SD card before, during and after the event as long as there is movement. I prefer this.) Wyse has more accessories.
My main reason I use Wyse is the timelapse recording capability and accessories.
I currently have 2 motion sensors, 2 switches and an outdoor cam that is “On the Way”


Nice roundup, thanks for that. I wonder how a 2K or 4K offering would compete against your repurposed phones in the license reading contest…

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Excellent info thank you!

How would you rate Yi vs. Wyze in regards to support and dependability of updates? Thanks :+1:

My Yi cams have required no support because they just work.
If you did need support I doubt it would be as good as Wyze and and Yi has no equivalent user forums. Yi owners owners who have had problems complain of poor support, but so do many Wyze customers. This forum is likely the best Wyze support you can get.
Yi updates are few and far between.


Think I might try the YI outdoor cam. Amazon is out of stock but the YI store has them for $39 or $49 with 6 months of cloud storage. Thanks again sir!

Gee, doesn’t that take all the fun out of things? :joy: :sob:

Thanks for the very informative product summary! :+1:

But you know everyone wants to know what kind of distances you are talking about for these phones and IP Webcam Pro! :grinning:

I put the 25mm zoom lens on a V2 it works pretty well looking down a straight lane, but I’m always interested in better options! :slightly_smiling_face:

Most everything I kknow about LPR comes fropm several threads here, plus this article…

I feel your pain. When we first started setting up cams, everything just worked so seamlessly that recommended it to friends + family. Brought in a lot of business for Wyze over the past few years. Now I’m looking at other options for cams because the reliability and trust is shot.
The roll out of “Plus” was bad. The cams I had subscribed to the previous service have zero (0) events … even going back weeks, there is no evidence of of anything.
So frustrating.


The IP phone cams are 13 Mp, but I only have them set to 1280 x 960 to maintain a decent frame rate. Still, they are sharper than Wyze cams, maybe because the video compression isn’t as high. In any case, my IP cam can read the license plate of my neighbors car in his driveway ~50’ away when I zoom in, the Wyze cam cannot. Reading license plates from a distance is sort of a gold standard for security cameras. It’s hard to do unless the angle is full on.


So, desertshores, as I interpret your assessing the Yi camera as a potential go-to for me if Wyze doesn’t make my cameras work (and soon), does it have reliable person detection? I read something about a test involving a fist at two meters failing and a pillow falsely triggering human detection. What are your own experiences?

Only AI on more sophisticated cameras would pass the pillow test.
I gave upon the “Person” detection feature and found I could get the results I want by experimenting with camera placement, detection zone and detection sensitivity. This has virtually eliminated false alarms from moving tree leaves and shadows, etc. I use the Wyze motion sensor to trigger my front door sensor. If you want more sophisticated results, you will have to pay more.


Same here. Sorry to say Wyze, me, my family and many friends are moving away.
I give you credit for bringing the cost of cams in the market to a reasonable price point.

But the reliability is just poor. Motion detection is now almost useless. I won’t even speak of the person detection blunder which btw is free with other cameras like Eufy.
No word of HomeKit integration - which would at least solve that problem for HomeKit unsers. No reliable SmartThings integration. I love the form factor of motion sensors but even they keep getting disconnected and I have to reset that stupid bridge module once a week.
The auto turn off automation between motion sensors and light bulbs simply doesn’t work.

I have bought now 2 Eufy 2 cams with better video, reliable motion and FREE person detection, integrates with everything.

Sorry Wyze, you blundered the opportunity and love you had in the community.


Excellent information - Thank You!

Especially re frame rate and phone cam resolution. Just downloaded IP Webcam and wow, nice selection of controls! :grinning:

Mounting a batteryless phone inside the door glass looks like it will mess up the curtains less and eliminate my need for a doorbell cam! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I’ve encountered some Hikvision “commercial” cameras that have real problems with plates in a parking lot in front of the store at less than 50’ - and not real software LPR, just being able to zoom in and have a human read the plates… :rage:

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One note. You said it’s the same developer as TinyCam but I don’t think so? IP Webcam lists a Pavel in Moscow, while TinyCam is Alexey in Wyoming…

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Yeah. My mistake. I don’t know where I thought that. Both are good apps

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If you’re having a problem and need a solution, start with a clear explanation of the problem. Emphasize what happened vs what you believe should happen. After all this, THEN rant. Long rambling rants interspersed with an occasional factoid don’t lend themselves to being read, and certainly not solved.


Good advice. Some are not necessarily looking for solutions, just a place to rant. :slight_smile: