Notifications when app is open

I was wondering if anyone had advice on notifications while the app is open… I’m using two cameras as baby monitors at night while the kids sleep. The cameras are grouped and I have it open while I sleep. Often the notification ribbon pops up and will at some point freeze the feed, preventing me to use in the capacity I want.

I know the camera weren’t created for this intention, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions besides disabling notifications each night.


Do you mean notifications from other apps, texts, etc, on the device you’re using to monitor the video?
Since we have Daycare here, I use the cameras as 24 hour monitors of my door, walkway, and driveway so we can see when anyone arrives or walks up to the house. What I did was use some old Android tablets mounted on the wall in two rooms as dedicated monitors that display the camera 24/7. On those tablets, I turned off all notifications except for Wyze and they rarely crash or freeze.

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