Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

Ok…so I’m now getting “Sound detected” notifications from a couple of my V2 cams but not from the Cam Pan. But my AI notifications AND recordings are hosed. I am not getting any AI notifications OR recordings (Pet, Person, Vehicle, Barking, etc…). They are just showing up as generic non-AI events (Sound, Motion). Checking my Events list, I’d say maybe one out of 20 recorded events are being tagged as AI events. And it comes and goes. Between 12:48 and 12:56 I had several AI events accurately recorded. Now between 3:38 and 3:44 I had a bunch of recorded events with People, Pets, Vehicles in them but only TWO events out of 14 were accurately tagged with AI events even though most of them have either people or pets and barking dogs in them.

At what point does this issue go beyond being ridiculous???

After reading a few responses it appears I have the same problems as many. The Wednesday update broke person notifications on Android. Has there been a solution?

I have two V3 cameras both on latest firmware and both on lite plus (to see the difference in action) .

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To add, it appears all events are captured as motion and not labeling people.

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That’s what most of my events are doing today and not getting notifications. Lately they were being tagged as person but not getting notifications.

New morning…new week…almost a new month…same old problems. Missing notifications, Cam Plus events not being tagged as AI, not recognizing People, Pets, Barking, etc… On one cam Person events are tagged correctly but my other cams aren’t tagging AI events. And notifications in general still not working properly.

A mild critique of what’s come before: AI detection (person et al) and Notifications are related but distinct functions, I think.

As a good man pointed out to me here:

And since we don’t know in-depth how each works separately and precisely how they interact, it’s a bit like navigating to Oz (oz=everything works) on a poorly-mapped fools gold road…

so here’s today’s notification lottery. As of this morning, my V3 cams seem to be accurately tagging AI events, however, notifications are hit or miss.

My cam pan and some of my V2 cams however are not tagging any AI events. Dogs and people have been moving around all morning and they only report “Motion” or “Sound”, not Person or Pet or Barking.

Let’s spin the wheel and see what I land on tomorrow!!

I’ve been meaning to give an update. I’m getting all my notifications now (one doorbell cam, one Cam Pan, two V3 cams). AI is much better now on my V3 cams but I had to turn off my detection zones to make AI finally work. Before that, it was mostly generic motion. For the most part the AI I’m getting is accurate but it seems to be defaulting to “vehicle” on all tags because there is a vehicle parked in the driveway but it isn’t the source of the motion. The motion could be a cat but it won’t be called out as “pet”, it just says “vehicle”. It’s been better about seeing “person”. That one (along with calling out vehicle) it sees. My doorbell cam and Cam Pan have been working fine all along and never had an issue. I’m not using sound so I can’t speak to anything on that but I’m happier to start getting AI again.

Okay guys, I think we have a lead on this. There are a couple different quirks that we’re working on and we would love to get more cases. We suspect that the way that some Wyze Cam v3 are communicating with the cloud when you have Cam Plus Lite is affecting AI detections and notifications - it’s not affecting all cases, but seems to be the cause of most of what we’re seeing in here.

Wyze Cam v2 and Pan also seem to have a separate issue affecting AI detection that we are thinking may require a firmware update to fix.

The team is working on this and it has our highest priority. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, and thank you to everyone who reached out so far with logs and other info so we could triage this.

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Thanks for the update. Any eta?

Not quite yet. If @WyzeBaohua or the rest of our team hears anything, we’ll let you guys know. :slight_smile:

We have a message from our software team - we need to gather as much information as possible from customers with AI issues to make sure we cover as many cases as we can. If you’re seeing issues with AI detections, please:

  1. Submit a log in the Wyze app through your camera’s settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log
  2. Take a screenshot of your Device Info for the affected camera in camera settings > Device Info

Please send these to me in a private message and I will get them to our team for investigation. Thank you so much!

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@WyzeJimmy - any progress on the two notifications for each event?

I can definitely say it is not anything wrong at my end … I have just bought a new phone and I have still got exactly the same problem.

I’ve been having the same issue. I opened a support ticket back in January, but they closed it saying: “This request will be closed because we don’t have anything further we can do at this point” .

As of Feb 5 I’m still not getting notifications. I purchased and installed another V3 with Cam + with basically the same view as my original V3. Same symptoms!!

So I have to conclude that it is NOT a hardware or configuration issue. The problem is firmware and/or Wyze backend systems.

Wyze folks, you need to fix this ASAP! Cam Plus is useless right now. Your customers are going to demand their money back and go to your competitors!

I have the full Cam Plus, not lite. If you guys are having another problem with Cam Plus lite, it has nothing to do with my issues. I don’t have time to keep sending logs and troubleshooting a problem that isn’t caused by anything on my end. I appreciate you posting to at least let us know that Wyze is aware of problems but ultimately it’s not my job to troubleshoot Wyze’s broken system. I don’t have the time or the patience. This isn’t a beta product or feature that we are volunteering to help develop and test, it’s a full release that we are paying for.


So disappointing. After working so well for a long time Cam Plus is useless anymore. Hope it gets fixed.

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This morning’s notification/event-tagging lottery – Still no AI events tagged by my Cam Pan and at least one of my V2s (Pets, People, Barking are just tagged as generic motion and sound). Sound event notifications are hit or miss.

No , Notifications down over a month still. When is it time to call it quits?

Aaaaaaand the fun continues. My Cam Pan is now only recording 12 second clips even though things are still moving in the area being covered. And it’s still not tagging any AI/CamPlus events. What exactly was I supposed to get with this CamPlus I’m paying for?

Come on @WyzeJimmy , this is a disaster.

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Im in the same boat as above. Chat on the ap is a joke bc it keeps logging off. 12 sec recordings and absolutely zero notifications. Also just upgraded phone and still same issue for a paid subscription. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: