Notifications not Sending Notifications at all/properly

Hello everyone! I’m hoping someone can help. Recently, I decided to start utilizing notifications to alert me about the motions it detects. Unfortunately, they do not work, or they do not work properly. For example, the camera new garage notices and notifies about a vehicle or person. For the most part that is working, however I want pop-up notifications. I’m just getting the regular status bar notification. It sounds like an easy fix, but when I go to the notifications in my phone settings, I have it set to allow pop-ups.

My other camera is the entranceway camera. This one will not send me any notifications until after 8 PM! I’m not ever receiving pop-ups (although I was originally receiving pop-ups, still just after 8 PM).

Let me give some background on everything that I’ve tried. I am usually good at this stuff, and I am not a newbie—although I must not be too good!

I went into the app information on the phone and ensured that notifications and pop-ups were allowed. I disabled the notifications and re-enabled them.

  • I have cleared the cache and also the data.

  • I have reinstalled the app several times.

-I have temporarily disabled the Cam Plus service from the app and on the web.

To me, it feels like maybe a previous “rule” is stuck. I have no rules configured. I have created a rule to turn on the notifications, but nothing changes, and they still behave the same way as before.

I’m unfamiliar with this on a phone. When I hear of “pop-up”, I usually think of Web browsers and malware. :scream:

On my phone running Android 13, if I search in Settings :gear: for “pop”, then the only relevant result that comes up is buried in Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Display options for hidden notifications > Custom > Don’t pop notifications on screen. I haven’t used that (Custom) option.

The other thing inside Android Settings that looks like it might be related is in Notifications > Bubbles; however, I don’t have any experience with that feature, either. :man_shrugging:

Notifications in general can be tricky because Android has its settings (in different layers) and apps have their own settings (both in Android’s settings for an individual app and in an app’s own user interface). Maybe if you posted some more details, that could help others narrow the problem. I’d start with these:

  • Android version you’re using
  • Wyze app version you’re using
  • Camera models you’re using

You said a couple of other things that puzzle me:

If at least part of your issue is related to time of day but you have no Rules schedule in the Wyze app, then is it possible that you’ve inadvertently enabled Android’s Do Not Disturb feature on a schedule? I’m scratchin’ my head with that one.

In any case, welcome to the Forum!

Thank you for getting back to me! When I refer to a pop-up, I am referring to the " heads-up display," but it’s also referred to as many other things. It’s basically showing you notifications on the screen for a short while before they go away, and you have to go to your notification area to check them. I believe I did fix that.

It’s not a do-not-disturb issue. I know my way around the Android operating system well.

Android Version: 14

App Version: ( I constantly update my apps and operating system."
Camera Models: Wyze Cam Pan v3 x5 and a Wyze Cam Pan v2

I’ve also synchronized the time a few times in the app’s settings. Thank you again for your help. I look forward to hearing about the next steps!

You’re welcome, but I’ll caution you that the thanks may be premature, because I don’t have a solution to your problem!

I’m glad you fixed that, because I’ve been unable to replicate that so far on my phone (running Android 13).

That was the only time-related potential cause that occurred to me outside of your thought that a Rule in the Wyze app might be acting up. :man_shrugging:

So do I, because I’m not sure where to go next with this one.

I will pile on here.
I recently switched from a Samsung S10 to an S23. It is running the same versions of Android and the Wyze app as you have and I’m not getting notifications.
My cameras are V2 and V3 with up-to-date firmware and notifications were working on the S10. I uninstalled the Wyze app from the S10 in case there was an issue with multiple logins affecting notifications. No change.
Notifications have been allowed for the app and I have a persistent notification that says “Wyze app is running in the background. To keep notifications working properly.”
I have events labelled “Person” and “Motion”, so I should be getting notifications.

I’m having the same issues. I’m getting notifications such as motion detected but it no longer shows the snapshot image.

It’s only happening with my one camera, so I just relocated that one for one that is working. How about you? Is it just one camera or more than one

I checked and my Wyze OG cams (2) did not show picture in notification but my Wyze v4 (1) did. Resetting camera and app didn’t do anything BUT I change Event Recording to All Events instead of Smart Detection Events and OG cams are showing pictures in notification again!

FYI, my v4 cam is still set to Smart Detection Events only but showing images in notification. Just the OG cams were affected.

Awesome, I’m glad you were able to figure it out!