Notifications not populating

All of the notifications are not loading, Suddenly says " No Events Found :(" Is this a Beta issue, or a server issue? If I refresh, it just spins and nothing loads.


This is happening to me too. Wish I could confirm it’s all apps, but I’m on the beta Android app. I just checked and that has my events on it, so I’m suspecting it’s a beta issue, too.


I just got off Support Chat with “Chito” and they stated its a server issue currently

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No its an Amazon hosting issues im in southern California and I notice it started at about 430pm

Yes, exactly…server issues…

Started working for me again maybe 30-45 minutes ago.

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Same issue.

Good thing they upgraded everything the other night.

Mine is working fine also, they sent an email to me saying it had to do wirh error " -1 "and "-999 "when accessing events. And that the engineers solved the issue :slight_smile:

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