Error 09 on Beta 2.24.14 NOT ON Beta 2.23.16

As the title says -
My Samsung A20, Android 10, Beta 2.24.14 can’t load an event from the cloud.
My Samsung Tab A, Android 11, Beta 2,23.16 has no problem loading the same events
M unsupported Amazon Fire w/ 2.21.12 has no problem loading the same events.

Hi gemniii. Thank you for posting this issue. Could you submit a device log and the time of that event (Screenshot with the error code is better). Thank you very much.

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log id 282737

Thank you so much. Just to confirm, the time of this event 08/26/2021 @ 1:36 PM ET? Also, could you send me the MAC of your device ‘v3-10-6E0E’? Thank you very much.

For that event.
But I’m getting the same error on events as far back as the cloud goes, Friday the 13th.
So it’s probably 100’s of events.
Isn’t the MAC in the log?
For security reasons that’s almost like sending my IP address.
Note - I had been getting the occasional 09 before, but this is hitting the 1 device for all event playback.

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Just PM it to them.

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The App log you sent does not contain the MAC. But no worries, I will send that log to cloud developer first. Thank you very much.

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Note that 2.24.16 is the current Android Beta version
I’m not having any problems viewing events with 2.24.16

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That’s why I put the full app version in the title.
By now there could be 3 more versions.

Yep. Always annoys me when people write “I have the latest version” because often what was the latest when they wrote it is not the latest any more. And in your case, the version you are testing with is no longer the current version as of the time I am typing this…

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