Notifications have no sound after update

My 4 Wyze Cams V3 are still giving notifications but there is no notification sound!

I am on Android 11 and the notifications show in the status bar as they have always done but since the last update ( firmware and app) there is no sound when the notification arrived at my phone

I have checked the settings on my phone and they are all correct and notifications from all other apps are working fine.

Any one else got this problem?


Have you tried apps>app info>Wyze>app notifications>WyzeMessages>importance set to urgent? Dennis.

Hi - thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I cannot find that path, is it in settings? I’ve done a search for wyzemessages and it doesn’t exist on my phone ( Samsung A40 with Android 11)


I am getting Alerts/Notifications but was curious where you see Importance?

These are my settings with Android 11:

I put an image of my settings for Notifications. Normally this occurs if you are set to Silent Notification, change it to default, if it is.

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I found “Wyzemessages” and all was set correctly but I noticed that Notification manager was set to “silent” rather than “alert”.

I certainly didn’t change it so the latest app update must have done it.

Thanks to both of you for your replies which pointed me in the right direction - I could have been searching for days!!

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Sorry I should have noted I’m Android 10. Glad you figured it out. Took me quite awhile to figure it out. To many different paths in the Wyze app to follow for me anyway. Dennis

You pointed me in the right direction - I was busy looking in the Wyze app because that was the only thing that had changed before the sound disappeared. “Wyzemessages” does exist in Android 11 but of course the Android developers moved it to a different place compared to Android 10.

Thanks again - you saved me a few hours of wasted time.