Notifications GONE

Notifications are not working for any of my cameras.
Starting Nov 2019 every cam notification was delayed by 4 to 6 hrs. Awful.
As of Dec 15th, I do not have more delays as I am not getting ANY notifications anymore.
Person Notifications are crucial and critical for these camera’s to serve its monitoring purpose.
Yes… All detection options are set up correctly and turned on - so that’s not the problem at all. It is however the lack of reliability that is making me highly consider to return all my 10 cameras and stop recommending them. I can’t deal with it anymore.
What is the issue?
I tried submitting a ticket for support and it keeps bouncing back as Sorry we can’t submit your request. WTH

Submit your ticket below. The link I suggest works very well. The app sometimes has issues and with all the churn from the login issue last night I think support is a bit swamped.

Lack of notification reliability is one of my two biggest issues with the cameras (and especially sensors). I do like the cameras and have kept them running, but all my sensors are now in my graveyard box of smart home and home automation stuff.

So now I am getting notifications but only for moving leaves and sound. Person detection notifications is a joke. Even when I pass by any of the cameras to test its functionality I get absolutely nothing. It is very unfortunate, frustrating and disappointing. I will try to submit a ticket with the suggested link and good luck to me.

Just to clarify, are you not getting timely notifications, or the event is not recording?

The events have a 5 minute cooldown period. So if you are walking in front of the camera repeatedly in a shorter than 5 minute period the camera will only record 1 event/5 minute.

I tried the link and I got the same response. “Sorry we could not create a ticket at this time.”
Thank you for the help but WYZE is so unreliable.

Both. The event is not being recorded and zero notifications. This happened when I tested it and also whenever people approach my house… Today alone no one was recorded or a notification was made for my family, friend or delivery.

I wonder what is different about your setup and mine? My notifications work just fine as do my events? And I just noticed my Dads cameras shared with me are also generating events just fine?