Notifications from shared cameras

I have 15 cameras at two locations, on two separate accounts. Half of them are at location 1, half are at location 2. Phone 1 and account 1 is for location 1. All of the cameras at location 1 are also shared with phone/account 2.

At location 1, we want a couple of the cameras to send AI notifications to the phone/account for location 1, but not have them cause notifications on the phone/account for location 2.

How do I do that? Thanks

You need to be signed in on main account and don’t sign out

Phone 1 is always signed into account 1, but phone 1 receives notifications for AI events from shared cameras from account 2. We do not want phone 1 to get notifications. We want notifications only on phone 2.

Well your out of luck,the main account has control over all shared items

I’ll wait for a constructive reply from an actual Wyze rep.

This is a user to user forum, so to talk to a Wyze rep, you’ll need to contact Support.

But to address your question, accounts that share cameras also share the settings of the camera. You can’t have camera A which is shared from account 1 to account 2 only produce notifications for account 1 without also producing notifications for account 2. This is device level, if you wanted to only have notifications on account 2 but none on account 1, you’d have to enable the notifications in the camera then disable all notifications for the ACCOUNT for account 1 by hitting the bell on the main page. But that way #1 would not be received app notifications at all.


Oh, I think I perceive “Forum Mavens” as wyze reps. Thanks for the clafirication.

And thanks for the solution! This works perfectly for me because account 1 uses Alexa for notifications.

The last outage was a network routing / packet loss issue that snowballed to degrade downstream services. Having a second (or third) availability zone wouldn’t solve that if they can’t switch the traffic to another zone. This impacted companies who’s bar tabs are greater than Wyze’s revenue so it’s silly to blame Wyze here.

i think you are replying in the wrong thread kae

Omgitstony answered my question and solved the problem :grinning: