Notifications & Events


Are the events and notifications accessible in case the camera is powered off or stolen?


The 12-second event clips are stored in the cloud, and many notifications (those of the sensors at least) are available thru your mobile device’s notification manager or the app.

This isn’t marketed as a security camera however (it’s a smart camera), so don’t expect it to be foolproof. Even the cloud clips can be easily thwarted by an educated thief.

how does one access the cloud recording from a computer? Is that an option?

Not currently without a work around such as BlueStacks

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Just to add some clarification… if the camera is powered off, the 12 second event clips will still be available in the app. In the event the camera is stolen, the clips will also still be available up until the moment that the thief sets up the camera to a different Wyze account. At that point, the clips will be gone from your account in the app.

Thanks Loki, exactly the answer I was seeking.

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