Notifications doesn't works in Huawei

Hi, Your app doesn’t receive any notification.
In the last two years I bought many cameras for my clients , but now some of theme changes to Huawei without playstore I found your wyzepp in App Gallery but I can’t receive notifications
Can you tell me what can I do?
I need to buy another app?
I need to install third party application?
I’m stressed I can’t add new clients because in my country frequently use Huawei

Hi. No one’s at home. What I mean is, no one with Wyze reads this forum. Those of us here are simply other users like yourself that share ideas.

If you have an issue that needs help from Wyze, you need to call them and discuss it.

Welcome to the forums!

You shouldn’t need to buy the Wyze app in the first place, it’s a free download. Make sure you have the correct app. What app version number are you using?

Can you provide more info as to the setup? Need to know what you have and how it should be working to be able to hopefully determine possibly why it isn’t working.

I am not a Wyze employee, just a forum user such as yourself.

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Hi, my wyze version is v2.25.22
Push notifications are enable for all devices
Running in the background enable
enable hardware decoder
the phone use android 10.1.1
Phone notifications enable
battery settings allows background, auto start and

These are cameras you are hoping to get notifications from? Do you see event videos in the event tab? Is “detect motion” or sound enabled in the event recording settings?

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yes, these are the cameras,
No, I can’t see the videos, but if I refresh the event tab I see them
Motion and sound detection are enabled

Can you explain this a little more?

It looooks like and appppears if maybe everything is in order and should be working. One thing I can think of now is if you can provide and post screenshots of your different camera settings, device pages and home page to just get fresh eyes on everything to see if anything has been missed.

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