Notification Upgrade Last Night


Well kind of. This from a V3 Pro. First shot is Vehicle detection. Last one is person. If you tap on the marker like the person icon it will take you to the event video.

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You’re gonna LOVE our new timeline coming out next year. It’s one of the most uniquely brilliant things I’ve ever seen.

Cannot say more than that…


Looking forward to it! FF 2X or 4X would me a huge plus too…


Why’s with the loading lve stream messages showing up now.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place (topic) to bring this up however, …

My camera and the cloud.

Wyze Cam Pro V3.
Recording to the cloud is really hit and miss in a big way. All my cameras have licences. Backyard Cam Pro V3 is fine and interior CamV3 is fine.

Front Cam Pro V3 is seriously hit and miss.
Example: The camera will record someone walking away from my front door but, didn’t record the approaching the front door.
Or. My son getting into his car and backing out of my laneway but didn’t record him driving into my laneway and parking.

Everything is recorded to the SIM card just fine. But, to the cloud. Really hit and miss.

Any ideas for help will be greatly appreciated.


I have my V3 Pro set at 100% sensitivity, no detection zone, smart detection set on Cam Plus. This is an Amazon driver delivering my new watch band about 35 minutes ago. :grin: Does your front V3 Pro have a good Wi-Fi signal?

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Hey Antonius:

Wifi is very strong. As it is the same with my other cameras.

Not sure what’s going on with the front camera. It has just stopped sending footage to the cloud. It is really hit and miss as to what it sends.

I have not changed any settings as they were all good. But, now it’s really hit and miss miss as to what gets set or recorded in the cloud.

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With Wyze it’s fix something and break many things in App or Firmware, Version 2.48.0 is horrible at loading video but version 2.47.0 works fine…