Notification Preview randomly NO PREVIEW

Sometimes a notification has a preview image other times it doesn’t…

Whyze just can’t be consistent!

Really annoying what Wyze has done since they were originally a camera company!

Hey let’s never get any software or firmware working correctly EVER, hey want a new product that will never perform as specified… Ughh

Wyze is something I would NEVER recommend to anyone

This tends to indicate a Wi-Fi connection issue for the device in question. Something is interfering with its uploads,

And judging by the frequency of pet detections listed, I’d bet there are more detections between the ones listed there, that are being completely lost because of the same unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Nope solid signal, have other cameras a lot further away that don’t do this.

Just Wyze is not all that reliable, there is no preview but there is a video that plays just fine on EVERY one of them that has no preview still