Notification on PC

I want to get notifications on my PC. With a window that automatically pops up showing the camera feed. And I want it to happen before the burglar or delivery man shows up at my house. Wyze, get on that… please.

I think there is a IFTTT routine for that. If someone maps to my residence then notify me, give me their estimated time of arrival and turn on the cameras :wink:

Currently you can’t view the feed from a PC, (unless you’re using an Android emulator or the RTSP firmware) but I’m sure there are ways to get the notifications at least. @charley mentioned IFTTT. You could use that to send an email, and use an email notification system. There are also third-party software options to mirror notifications from your phone to your PC. I use a Mac, and this one exists for getting iOS notifications on macOS. I’m sure there are similar Windows/Android options as well.

Absolutely none of those will do what I asked for.

You’re right. As I said, you currently can’t view the feed from a PC. Just trying to give you some ideas on what you CAN do.

Sarcasm is a precious resource that too often goes wasted.

…and one that doesn’t always work without tone of voice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Charley was kidding though.