Is there a way to get an immediate notification when a person is detected?

had some more stuff stolen last night. my app didn’t notify me. can it?

My first question would be are you getting notifications normally. If so I will say I believe the quickest notification would take 12-seconds as the notification is not sent until the video is uploaded. The other thing I will mention is you say you are on Android and I have noticed with my Android devices there seems to be a doze or sleep ‘feature’ built into Android that will stop notifications from coming through when the phone sits unused for a bit to save power. This is why when I open my phone first thing in the morning I get barraged with notifications. I have yet to find a way around this ‘feature’ and it seems to be an issue with Android and not WYZE.

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Nope. Not really getting any notifications :persevere:

Then I would start with the settings in the app, can you tell me if you are getting event videos in the events tab?

yes I am

You had items stolen and a recording didn’t show up on your events tab, or you didn’t get notified it was on your events tab?

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didn’t get notified. 2 times it didn’t record. but it did record on the last time.

Make sure under notifications you have ‘Send Notifications’ on, and ‘Person’ and 'Motion" both on