Notification categories for android

In the android wyze app, there are not enough notification categories. Every time my vacuum finishes cleaning I get a notification. Every time my vacuum gets stuck I get that same notification. A properly designed app will have different notification categories, each one with the option for the user to independently set different levels of visual and audible notifications for.

It should be very possible to have a separate notification type for when my vacuum finishes cleaning vs when my vacuum has an issue. I think this would be very useful as most people don’t need to be notified when their vacuum is simply doing what it is supposed to(finishing cleaning)… But would like a significant alert for when their vacuum needs attention.

Ideally there would be 3 categories. Finished cleaning, finished scheduled cleaning, and needs attention.


I only have the wyze vaccuum, FYI. There may be similar shortcomings with other devices within the wyze ecosystem.

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I’ve been on this soapbox for a few years now. I don’t understand how this hasn’t been implemented yet. I suppose the “higher up” don’t actually use their products.
I have ten various cams now - plus bulbs, motion, door, hub, keypad, doorbell, & scale. App was getting hinky. I have now done what (IMO) is the only solution, i have split devices between two accounts. Five cams, hub, motion & keypad ( five cams are the suggested max for wyze premium security). I can now have (only) two different notification sounds- one for “security” and one for smart home. So far the setup is an improvement from recent past (too many devices) and i know if a door is opening or there is motion detection from a camera by sound alone. It is a complete shame I have to do that to get an accurate picture of what my security system is detecting.
Its a big deal to know if the notification I hear is a huge bug flying around my cam or a door in my home just opened at 0300,…big difference.
Come on WYZE help us feel more safe at home, the solution is so simple.

holy cow. In no way did I imagine it would be an issue with security type devices as well. You mean to tell me if I get a camera, or security system by wyze, the same notification sound(or lack there of) will be the same as my vacuum telling me it finished? That simple lack of foresight just ruled wyze out of the picture for any other smart devices.