WYZE Vacuum - More control over the types of notifications

I have had the WYZE Robots (x3) in my home for sometime now. They are definitely part of the “family” and a very good investment for the money. They are both reliable and functional.

Suggestion: Make notifications more explicit for these devices in the app.

Example: All for individual notifications when cleaning starts, cleaning completes and issues - instead of the current all or none.

For my needs I only want to know if there is an issue. (i.e. fewer notifications) - robot is stuck, etc.



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Amy @mavens with the robot vacuum able to help with this, what looks to be a future wishlist topic?:slight_smile:


If I understand correctly, @jjdub1313 is asking for more control over the types of notifications that are sent about the robot vacuum and it’s status.

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I agree. Sample for me, I dont really want to see a notice that my battery is at 8%, the vacuum knows that and returns to base to charge. I just want to know if it couldn’t make it back to the base, or perhaps if it doesn’t think there is enough present left to get there. To me warning at 8% is nothing I want to here about until it does become a problem.

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I suppose that present notification includes the stuck issue, low battery .