Dorked up Android notifications for vacuum in Wyze App

For the last week or so (I believe, since I last updated the Wyze app on all (3) of my Android devices) the Android notifications at the end of each cleaning cycle are saying:

    Wise cleaning completed. Vacuum cleaned {1} square feet and it took {0} minutes.  

This is NOT Android-device specific, as It is happening on all my Android devices (Different Android versions, 7.1, 9, and 13).

Yes, yes, yes… I’ve cleared app caches, uninstalled & reinstalled app, rebooted vacuum, etc., etc., blah blah blah.

However, the correct info is listed in the app under vacuum settings → cleaning history.

What gives?

App version (on all devices) 2.49.4(402)
Vacuum firmware (unchanged): 1.6.202

What gives? Can someone from Wyze please chime in?

This is known by Wyze and is currently being looked at.


Oh, hey, thanks!

BTW, now I’m not certain that this started for me after updating the app. Could be a “cloud” issue?

Any details on this anywhere? Search didn’t turn up anything for me.

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It’s a server issue. The code that generated the notification isn’t correctly pulling in the historical cleaning data to populate those 2 notification fields.

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What @Seapup said, he beat me to it. :slight_smile:

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