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Hi everyone!
I just recently purchased a pan cam to use for in my son’s room as our baby monitor has recently taken a dump and he’s prone to seizures during fevers. I’ll give a run down of what I was hoping to be able to do.

My hopes were to be able to turn the camera on whenever he is in his room napping/sleeping and have it continuously record. I’d also like to have a notification sent to my phone whenever the camera detects noise (when that option is enabled.

Now, I currently have a SD card installed and the camera is set to continuous record, but it doesn’t send a notification for sound. If I set a schedule it’ll send a notification but will not continously record.

Is there a setting that I’m missing or does the camera not offer this.

Would like cam to continuously record and send sound notifications but unsure how or if possible.

Obviously, on the Wyze app → Notifications screen, we need Send notifications enabled and “Sound” enabled.

Also, you need to enable Notifications on the “phone side” to allow the Wyze app to send notifications. Something like " phone → settings → notifications → Wyze → ON

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Thank you. It looks like I had all of the correct settings checked, just had to unplug. I will get notifications but they are VERY delayed. Is this normal?

How delayed? The way the notification event videos work is that an event is detected (pixel change “motion” or sound) and then a 12 second clip is uploaded to the cloud. Once the 12 seconds is over, clip uploaded, then the server sends the notification to your device. If I walk in front of one of my cams, I’ll get the notification within about 15 or less seconds from the time of trigger. There are some issues with background app notifications within the Android os though. What type of device do you have?

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Ah that makes sense…similar to how Blink notifications used to work. I am using android. A majority of the notifications are around 15 seconds, a few were minutes later.

I noticed that during the playback there is no way to speed up the playback to watch the entire recording, is that correct?
Also, out of curiosity… Is there a way to delete prior playback?

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Currently no FF or rewind. One 1x forward. You can pinch in and out in the timeline to browse to different times frames to help find an event faster. There is a wishlist item for playback options though.

Only way to delete SD card footage is to format the card, or you can also remove the SD card from the camera, put it into a computer and browse the file structure and delete files that way.


Great! Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

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