Not recording motion

This morning a repair man was in the garage where I have a WYZE Cam V2. It recorded him closing the circuit breaker panel and just as he was turning to leave he looked around the garage like he was looking at something and then the 12 second record time ended [I thought I had it on continuous record]. But since he was still moving why didn’t it start recording again? If he walked around the garage it should have recorded the motion. It also should have started recording again when he moved toward the door.


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Hi @patski107 and welcome back.

  • There is a cool down period between 12 second recordings. Subscribing to CamPlus allows longer continuous recordings
  • If you have set to continuous record there must be a uSD card installed to record the video.
  • If that is the case you can see the video under View Playback. or remove the uSD card and transferring the video to a PC (1 minute increments).