Not receiving motion notification and clips

I have 9 cameras. I also bought and installed 2 cameras for elderly couple.
After the firmware my cameras stopped sending or recording on motion. Most started again, but is hit and miss. Some times I get notifications and sometimes not.
One of the just started today but is also hit and miss like the rest even worse. When I go to the playback I see that the camera detected the motion and the motion tagging square is visible, but no recorded clip and notification is received.

One failed to install the update and it stopped working completely. I did the flash as directed on the troubleshooting guide. No change. Yellow light is on but no response at all. When I plug it in it doesn’t even do the initial rotation.

The brand two new ones at my friends asked for update as soon as I took them out of the box and started installing them.
They also send no notifications. I tried different settings and had no success. They live hour and a half away. And is not convenient for me to go there until I find a solution.
Anyone else have those problems?

If its a pan cam try this solution, it worked for my 4 cameras. Cam Pan Motion detection Not Working - #108 by ventura.leo

what cameras are they? pan or V2 and can you post a picture of your notifications and detection pages in the app

I am using Pan cam.
I tried to flash the cam to the older version, but it doesn’t work.

It starts correctly with the blue and yellow lights coming on. After a wille it turns to solid yellow and nothing happens. It doesn’t do the initial turning or anything.

And in the app keeps saying that it is Offline.

The others are still detecting motion some times and not.

I will try to flash them also tomorrow. I hope they don’t brick like the first one.

The pictures of the notifications will be pointless as it doesn’t show the missed motion detection. I know it missed as I drive/walk by 3 cameras to get to the back. And in some of the tests couple will detect. And one never does. Next time only one of the two which previously did it will not detect. They all worked great before the update.

And no, I don’t do two tests one after a another. I am aware of the 5 minutes cool off time.

The 2 new ones still not receiving notification. I have to find a fix before I drive 1.5 hours to test.

Thank you.

I was only hoping to see your detection setting page. just out of curiosity. having this issue make sure to send a log to the developers. maybe it is something that is known, or maybe not. I wouldn’t try to downgrade if you are afraid it might brick it. if anything contact wyze directly and see about a possible replacement.

I have had almost nothing but probably oblems with my (4) pan cams. The only thing that has helped was a factory reset followed by a fresh reflash of firmware. (Download, place in root directory and reflash). This worked on two for about a week, then they reverted. Third still works.
Wyze tech support seems to have given up on me. I have filed a ticket complete with logs and screenshots weeks ago and heard nothing. Growing pains have killed many a company.
Hope this suggestion helps - wish I had better to offer.

Thank you for your time.
Here are screenshot of the settings.

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