Cam Pan Motion detection Not Working

Has one one confirmed that their night visions lights work? Just wondering if there is a related issue with the Firmware. I can confirm mine don’t.

We’re sorry to hear this, everyone. I sent the link to other people in the team. If you’re up for it, please send us app and firmware logs if you’re running into this issue. You can do that through the Help & Feedback section of the Account tab in the Wyze app. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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Thanks for the reply. Just sent my logs through the help and feedback section of the app.


You’re welcome! Thanks so much for the logs. If you want a quick(ish) fix, we’ve been hearing consistently positive results with the firmware flashing method outlined above.

Thanks. Will give this a try soon.

Ok, how do you do that?

See this:

Ehm, I don’t have a sd card, sd reader, sd writer. How can I do without spending money?

I don’t know of a way right now. But here’s one for three bucks:

Lots of other options on Amazon as well.



Sorry, forgot you are in Italy.

I will mention that Wyze Cams are not supposed to be being sold outside of the US. They are not officially supported outside the US and territories.

That said, I’m sure you can find a very inexpensive SD card reader locally. That’s the best advise I can offer.

In other situation the mood is different, because i read a lot of sentences like “we are a US company but we open our services globally…” and similar.
I think that now is convenient say that this is a only US company…

I’d be very interested in links/references to any statements by Wyze that they are a global company, because in everything that I have seen, they have been very clear that their products are only supported in the US at this time. They have been clear that they have asked Amazon not to sell them outside the US and Amazon has violated that request. They have stated that they would like to expand internationally at some point, but are not ready to do that yet.

See this:

Night vision works for me motion dose not

I’ve also purchased 5 cameras.
Set up 4, including updating to latest firmware. Everything works except motion detection like the others in this post
I set up the the 5th camera except I DIDN’T update the firmware and motion detection works (though I’m not getting notifications)

I’ve have sent a log from one of my cameras

Will there be a updated firmware to resolve this ?
Thanks Col

Like many others I’m also experiencing the same issues with the Cam Pan. Latest software but notifications ONLY occur if I set the Pan Scan OFF and go with a Detection Zone set to ON.

Notifications do NOT happen if the Pan Scan is ON - I’ve tried all combinations of Motion Tracking and Motion Tagging set to ON and OFF without effect.

The major drawback is that the camera no longer scans but will provide a notification if movement occurs. Pretty useless for a scanning camera!

Incidentally I’ve tried Sensitivity set to HIGH but it makes no difference.

I agree that there’s an issue with the software.

I think it’s a bit of a cop out to say the Wyze cameras are not officially supported outside the US and territories.

Whilst true the issues being experienced by Wyze owners around the world are identical to those being experienced by owners inside the US and territories.

Personally I think Wyze owes a debt of gratitude to people living outside the US who have embraced Wyze cameras and are prepared to provide feedback to make the camera a better product.

I’m sure Wyze does appreciate their overseas users. They will be especially appreciated once Wyze decides to expand to international sales and support. But for now, Wyze does not claim to be able to support the products internationally and have actually tried to prevent them from being sold outside the US (because they don’t want customers to have a bad experience). See this:

SlimNelly wrote:

Here is the article to follow:

That did it for me! I’ve purchased new Wyze Cam Pan 3 days ago, updated to the newest firmware during setup and bummer - no motion tracking whatsoever. :frowning:
I was in the middle of writing a support request when I’ve stumbled upon your post - great information! After reflashing with firmware (.50 is not available, yet), though, motion detection and tagging works perfectly. Thank you!
Wyze: either the newest firmware is screwed up, or the on-line update process is broken.

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Same problem here. New Cam Pan from Updated to on first boot (didn’t take note of the shipped version). No motion tagging or motion events (only sound events). Sent logs via app.

Downgraded to with SD card. Motion detection then worked. Upgraded to through app. Motion detection still working. Problem solved.

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