Not excepting verification code

I get a verification code sent my phone and it won’t except it. It doesn’t make any sense.

Heres the text Wyze sent with the code.

I received this as well.

TFA looks to be ill.

A couple options:

  1. Call support and open a ticket and see if that helps.
  2. Select the “Sign in another way” option to get into the app and your account, turn off TFA and then start over to see if it works after resetting the function.

I am gathering that this is a code for 2 factor authentication - correct? i don’t use 2FA so never have seen that.
And it accept - not except.

I needed help with the question not a spelling class but I eeppriciate it. I meant appreciate.


When I click sign in another way the only option is by text.

I don’t use the SMS Two Factor Authentication, I use an authenticator app with biometric verification.

And, like any security, it is only secure if no one else can fiddle with it. This is the case with Wyze. They can’t turn it off. Only you can do that after you successfully log in. Kind of a catch 22.

But, because you are getting the code sent by SMS to your phone successfully, it would seem to me that it is an issue on their end.

One possibility comes to mind though. Not sure if it applies to iOS as I am an androidian. The reason I switched to an authenticator is because when I switched from my app (not Wyze but bank app) over to my text to get the code, the Two Factor code input screen would invalidate if I opened another app and left the bank app and then reinitialize when I reopened it again, therefore deactivating the code sent by that instance of the Two Factor Authentication. To get around this, I didn’t switch out of the bank app but instead pulled down my notification tray just enough to manually read the code from the notification bubble and then pushed the tray back up thereby never exiting the Two Factor code page. That’s when I switched to the authenticator app.

Here is the Wyze published Knowledge Article on Two Factor Authentication:

If you can’t get it to work, I would suggest you contact Customer Support and submit a support ticket.

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I took 2 factor off and was able to sign in to the website. How ever my bass station won’t connect to WiFi I have to leave it connected via Ethernet cable. When they replace a cam or base station do they not ask you to return the bad cam/ base station to them? There replacing my base station and this will be the 4th or 5th one they’ve replaced and not one time have they ask me to send in the ones their replacing. Thanks for the replies Here’s an email i received

It’s good news that you were able to get into your account to fix the TFA! That is the hardest part!

I had a “defective” thermostat and they sent me a replacement. They didn’t want the old one back. I think that is normal unless they need it back to determine what bricked it, like the Hub. But that is only if the devs or digital guys @ Wyze specifically ask for it. Otherwise it is just digital garbage to them and they would spend more on the back shipping than they could get out of the refurb.