Not detecting PERSONS at night?

I have a pair of Wyze Cam v2’s, One watches my door, the other watches my carport.
I have had a LOT of thefts this year from my carport. Car was stolen, motorcycles attempted stolen, covers and accessories stolen, etc, etc.
Each time, I am NOT getting any notifications of PERSON detection at night in the carport.
It seems to only work during daylight hours. I can check the events, and there are no PERSON detections, even if I go out there and wave my arms around. Standard motion detection is there, but not PERSON detections.
I’m really fed up with the thefts and I’m frustrated beyond all that my cameras fail their jobs.
You get what you pay for I guess.
I just don’t understand why the door camera works perfectly, PERSON detection works day and night.
Is the PERSON detection capability a cloud thing or something internal to the camera???

Person detection is a cloud thing. Do you have detects Wyze AI events turned on in the notifications for that camera and person detection turned on under smart detection for that camera?

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Both cameras have the same settings turned on, including Person detection, and I will repeat: The carport camera ONLY detects Persons during DAYLIGHT.
It is detecting persons just like the door cam, but the carport is only detecting during the day. I can walk in front of it during the DAYTIME and it detects me as a person, but at NIGHT it DOES NOT WORK.

Can you send a an event video that was recorded at night where it wasnt tagging it as a person.

Is it consistent, or are some of the night clips still tagged as a person just not all of them.

Yes, sure can. Some [Mod Edit] miscreants AGAIN were checking out my wife’s Vespa last night and it didn’t notify me or detect them as a PERSON.
See what I mean? The same camera during the day WILL detect a person. But not at night.

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Its very dark, thats probably why the AI is having trouble. Can you install a little solar light or something nearby to provide a bit more light?

I agree with Beans here. I’ve had my v3’s for 9 months now and person detection with night vision is very unreliable !

Turn on the garage light or add the spotlight to the v3 so that it can have light to better help the AI. You can set it up to turn on when motions detected or turn on from dusk to dawn .

I set up spotlights for all of my outdoor v3’s and over the past few days i have noticed that person detection is much more reliable !!

Alright, I just installed a motion flood light in the carport. What is the standard interval for person notification? I went in and out of the carport in 4 minute intervals and it didn’t detect and notify me each time. Just the first time.

Does the camera have cam plus ? Or cam plus lite ?

Cam plus lite

It may be working as expected. I just watched my neighbors come out and put their car cover on and it detected them as a person 5 minutes apart.

Then that’s the reason it only notified you 1 time during those 4 minutes you walked in front it

With cam plus lite the camera is subject to a 5 minute cooldown after motions detected

Try inserting a micro sd card in it , the bigger the more days it save to it . Then you can go back and review the footage

But ultimately it would be best to assign cam plus to the camera to beat the cooldown , and get notified of ai events continuously without the cooldown

I’ve always had big SD cards in the cams. These are not new for me. I’ve just never had to be so vigilant until now.
I didn’t see anything different in the specs for Cam Plus AI or the Lite version except the continuous event recording instead of the 12 seconds.
Are you saying there are more options for PERSON detection with full Plus?

Cam Plus gives you more AI like package pet and vehicle, as well as no cooldown between events and no 12 second limit.


Of course, even with CamPlus there is a significant delay in receiving notifications.

I’m [Mod Edit] sick of WYZE POS cameras. My Carport camera STILL does not notify me of people.
I installed a motion flood light to light it up, still doesn’t detect people reliably.
Car was attempted stolen AGAIN last night. Clearly there’s a PERSON in my video. I get notifications from door cam all the time, just not this one.
I’ve tried paying for PLUS, adding light, it’s really a piece of garbage. I’m done with WYZE, Not worth it.

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All of my Wyze cameras are v3 (so I am not sure if v2 settings are similar or not). I have my v3 cameras set to “Night vision mode off”. I know that sounds like it does not make sense, but I would give that a try as a test. I get pretty reliable Person detection even in low light environment.

Have you thought of upgrading the camera to something with a starlight sensor? That will help in all low light conditions if the above video is still the same view and setup that you have. The v2s are workhorses, but don’t fair that well in low light conditions like yours. The OG just got launched, and it’s only $20 right now. Starlight sensor for low light performance, onboard spotlight to light the area and act as a deterrent. Since you have CP already you could just transfer the license over from the v2.

So you have problems just getting person tagged detections? Or receiving events in general? Is the camera still saving the events, but they arnt getting tagged as person?

Just to add a bit to your reply… my V3 cams have the starlight sensor and see clearly in dark conditions. That said, it STILL fails to identify people many times, and constantly identifies vehicles as people. My Ring camera alerts me immediately of people and often, the WYZE cams do not even alert at all to the same event.

(As an aside, my “added on” spotlight on my V3 camera… even though I turn it as always off… goes on and stays on all night if I don’t catch it being on. Light from headlights seem to set off the spotlight regardless of the setting.)

I do not feel it is the camera at issue. It’s the algorithm that is faulty and has issues with the correct identification of people and vehicles.

So, it was all kind of working over a month ago, but then stopped working at all, and after my car got almost stolen again, I found out that Plus notifications were reset to disabled, and that’s why I wasnt’ get any notifications at all.
Now I get Person detection when a person is there and “Complete Motion Detected” all night long when anything goes by or triggers the flood light.
Security devices should NOT change settings on their own. It probably happened after a firmware update or an app update, who the heck knows. This product a toy.