Not all WyzeCam v3 update to latest firmare

I have three WyzeCam V3 cameras. Today, ONE of the three cameras updated to the latest firmware ( The other two cameras are still on version Clicking on Device Info > Firmware Version shows the older firmware shows " Everything’s good! Your camera is up-to-date." with the firmware showing below that as 4.36.25. This happens whether I use the android or the iPadOS app. How can I update the remaining two cameras to the latest firmware?

I would not update the cams if they are already working fine. Many are bricking.

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Are you doing the firmware update from each camera individually of from the Firmware update page under Account that lets you update all at the same time? From your description, I assume first.

I have seen that before, and it usually solves itself with some time. You can also try using the Account > Firmware Update page and see if that gives a different result. If not, give it a day or so. If one or more cameras still don’t update, restart the cameras (either a power cycle or the restart command under the camera menu). Then try the update again.

If I go Account > Firmware Update from the main page, I see all three cameras listed, One says:

Latest Firmware:
Current Version:

Theo other two cameras show:

Latest Firmware:
Current Version:

No option is available to upgrade the two cameras on the ‘older’ firmware. Oddly enough, The WyzeCam 3 support page shows the latest firmware is That begs the question as to how the one camera updated to a version of firmware that apparently doesn’t exist? I did not sign up for any beta versions. The only thing I can think of that differentiates the cameras is that the one with the ‘newer’ firmware is may oldest camera, bought by itself before I bought the other two, and it at one time had a CamPlus subscription, which I did not renew. The other two I never activated a camplus sub on.

It doesn’t mater whether I choose firmware update from the main page, or from each camera separately.

The camera works fine. No problems with it whatsoever.

Two possibilities.

The one V3 with the later firmware might have a newer board revision level and can use the new version.

Or, someone at Wyze made a mistake and exposed a firmware still in internal testing and quickly pulled it but some V3s were able to update nonetheless.

Interesting suggestions. The camera that received the upgrade is definitely older than the other two; it was a preorder from when the program was first announced. The other two were purchased much later. I would have to assume that the camera that received the update has an older board revision. Wouldn’t all three cams update at the same time, since they are controlled by the same app?

It is definitely a BETA firmware, but not the latest BETA firmware. The latest is; the one I received was

I found that info in this thread:

My experience is, the cameras update one at a time. The improperly exposed firmware might have been pulled before the other two were able to start the update.

This has happened before.

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Thanks! the firmware is a beta, But one version back from the latest beta. Strange.

I agree w/@Ipil60R34s " improperly exposed firmware" Keep it working on release (June 14, 2021)
Its a pain to manually flash to a lower version when it stops working. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As stated in the original post, the update has already been applied. I am having absolutely no issues with the camera that has the update. I’ll leave well enough alone…‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.


Agree, keep it working! Like Post-2 in this thread from @Garretsdaddio. :+1:

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