No temperature sensor, no problem

I was looking for a remote temp sensor so I could monitor some temps while at work. Wyze doesn’t offer one (thought I hope they do someday), but I did come up with a solution using Wyze.

I just bought cheap thermometer with remote sensors, and placed the display somewhere that my pan cam could see. Now I can just turn the cam when I want to know the temps. Not a true smart solution…but smart enough for my uses!


Great idea!

Jeff Miller



That is very Wyze :grinning:


This is the idea I’m looking for…
My wife has a flower shop and we need a remote cooler temp alarm.
It would also be handy for the home freezer.

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My little temp gauge does have an alarm I can set…I wonder if it’s loud enough to trigger an alert on the cam. I’ll try it!

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