No Tag to select when Submitting Events (Android)

Android Beta App Version: 2.17.31

Below are Tickets/logs submitted by @KittenCanaveral

I still cannot submit events for review as there are no tags to select from. This has been reported in the past. My current log submission for this is: 123636.

Previous Tickets:

  • 1004462 stated “…I had to do it from my iOS device as the Android device (my Daily Driver), does not provide the option to select a tag for the event”
  • 1007521 in the Chat Session it was discussed

Image below shows what I see when I try to submit an event via my Android Phone - Notice No tags to select from as you get with the iOS devices:


My thinking is that if those of us with the issue can list the logs we have submitted, maybe staff can work out whats up.

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Fully agree. I am digging through my emails to get the list. Unfortunately, the response you get form Wyze does not include the text you provided when submitting the logs.

I have taken to screenshots to keep track, that said it would be nice to know from TPTB what info we can give that would help pin this down.
Here is one more from another device

Sadly bug is in 2.18

Another ticket I’d 137673

Same with me.

Device: Android Pixel 5 with Android 11
App: 2.18.12 Beta

When submitting a video, I have no ability to select a tag and provide what the issue or correct tag is.

alas it’s still here :sob:
Ticket ID 141919 & 141922

I am submitting the events via my iPhone and Android. Hopefully it will be received and looked at. :slight_smile:

I referenced the form in one of them this time, maybe just maybe the devs can tell us what info we can give them that would help.

They’ve added a ‘nothing’ button somewhere in the last day or so.

Hope this also fixed the folks not being able to see any buttons

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I still don’t have the tag list on my Android Phone. I do on my iOS

So now that I have my doorbell installed, it appears that the issue is indeed app related as I can not tag AI events from the doorbell or the V3.
TID 150657

151962 ( very old android 6)

155941 for v3.18.32

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