Differences in iOS and Android Beta in my event tab

I am seeing, what I think, is a bug on the Android Beta App as compared to the iOS beta App. I am providing 2 pictures of the events tab. The Android marks items as Person but nothing else where iOS marks, Person. Vehicle and Package. The images are for the same time period - notice the tags.

This is the Android Image

This is the iOS image

Interesting enough, on both devices the notifications, when the do get sent, actually will tell you if it is a person, package, vehicle, or any combinations. So it appears to only be the tagging in the event page.

As in my other posts, I have other issues on the iOS like submitting an event and being able to select the tag it should be as they don’t exist on my Android Phone. However, on the iOS, the tags do show. I have since started submitting events via the iOS device and not the Android Device.

Make sure your app is updated. If so, it’s a possible bug.

Yea, App has been updated. This issue has been there in the Beta as well. I think it is a bug, However, I can’t figure out why others are working well.

I am on iOS V2.17.21 and am having issues with AI tagging on cams subscribed to CAM Plus. I have a V2 that is not subscribed but is on the person ID beta and that is tagging properly. Seems to be an issue with iOS and CAM Plus.

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