Current Issues I am having with Beta Release

First let me indicate my current settings and versions:

Device: Pixel 5 on Android 11
Wyze Version: Wyze Beta 2.17.6
V2 Cam:
V3 Cam:
Bridge FW:

I have tried the following already: Rebooted Phone, Removed App and Re-Installed, logged out and back in, cleared cache, and I even went as far as clearing the events on the off chance it was related to storage.

These items have been on a few Beta Versions, but felgt I should summarize what I am experiencing here. If anyone has any suggestions, please provide. :slight_smile:

  1. CamPlus issue: I only see Person as an option. The other Pilot does not seem to be available, image below. (Side Note: I also have an iPhone for testing. The same occurs on it)

  1. Event screen: Only Shows Person detection. Assumed it was related to item 1 above. However, on the iOS device, it also shows Vehicle, even though the options don’t exist. Below I am providing the Event Screen from my iOS and Android for the same time. Notice the Tagging.

iOS Event Screen

Androud Event Screen

  1. When Submitting an video event to Wyze for tagging issues, no tags show up on the Android Screen. iOS they do. Here is a screen shot of the Android Phone:

  1. I have Wyze AI Notifications only turned on. Person notifications seem to seems to be sporadic. This morning, My wife went to work out, Wyze recorded the event as a person (V3 Cam), but no notification was sent. My Garage Cam (V2) Recorded it as Motion only. If I restart the camera’s, Other times, they work flawlessly, notifications are sent as expected without issues from both.

  2. Motion and Contact Sensors: Like the new UI. When you go into the Device Info area, it says the FW version is Not sure why. one Motion Sensor show

  3. Android Doze Mode issue. Need to ensure notifications get through when Android Phone is not on a charger and has gone to sleep (Not being used for at least 5 minutes or more). When this happens, notifications could take 5 minutes or much longer. I run the ADB command to disable this so that I can get notifications consistently.

Question: Is it possible to send an immediate notification if we select All Motion in addition to the AI option? My Notifications on AI seem to be closer to 10 seconds now on the V2, and about 15 or so on the V3. But if I wanted all motion notifications and the Camera senses motion would it be possible to send a notification immediately before processing for person detection?

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

I feel Wyze is doing a great job, and as an IT individual, know how difficult it can be to support and correct so many items being reported. Kudo’s to Wyze in providing technology at a price most everyone can afford.

I have no recommendations but can second each of the same issues you are having. I also went through the same troubleshooting process as you.

Samsung Note 10+ (One UI version 3.0) (Android Version 11)
WYZE App Ver. 2.17.6
CAM Plus Subscriber
Person Detection Subscriber
WCOs Ver.
WCO Base
Pan Cams Ver.
V2s Ver.
V3s Ver.
Motion Sensors
v1 Contact Sensors


My Sensors are not recording activity, thus no triggered events. I already reset the Bridge last night. About an hour ago it started again.

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