Providing AI feedback for CAM Plus

Knowing that AI only works well if good data is used to train it, I want to make sure I am using the correct tags when I submit video clips via the feedback function within the App. I have quite a few videos that get detected and labeled as Person when there are no people in the video. It appears that the trigger is usually a vehicle. In this case should I tag it as “False Detection”, “Missing Detection” or both along with the vehicle tag? I’m thinking both since it missed the vehicle label but falsely labeled it as Person.

edit to add version info…
App: iOS v2.17.11
CAM V3 FW: v4.36.0.248
CAM V2 FW: v4.9.6.232

Gotta ask what version of the app are you running and if it is on iOS or Android? Asking because in all of my testing and feedback, I have not seen any tags being displayed.


Sure, I’ll also edit the original post so it’s clear.

App: iOS v2.17.11
CAM V3 FW: v4.36.0.248
CAM V2 FW: v4.9.6.232

I would tag it as false detection and missing. Missing is if there is a person or vehicle with no detection tag for it. And false if for false or incorrect tags.


Interesting, I am on Android with the following:

Beta Version 2.17.6
Cam V3 FW:
Cam V2 FW:

This is what I see:

As you can see, Wyze detection results was empty and it should at least have said person.

@Brlepage, am I missing something? I don’t get anything to indicate what the tag should be and never really have. I have submitted many video’s, but none of which I tagged cause there were no selections. Any Ideas?


@Brlepage, I just did a test and installed the beta version on my iPhone as well. It does show the options. Can you please pass on to the developers that the options to tag a video is not available on and Android device, please see above. Please also indicate that the Android does not tag the video’s with the Package or Vehicle tags. iOS does / is. This is another bug with the android app, I believe.

@rdalger, thanks for the info. It looks like it is an Android issue. :slight_smile: Glad I have an iPhone as well.

Edit: @Brlepage, I am not sure it is 100% an Android issue as I have been in correspondence with @Ken.S who also has an Android. He showed me the Piloit options of CamPlus as follows:


This is not what I see, I see the following:


Not sure why I do not see all the options. I also have a trial license of CamPlus which I got when I installed my V3. That could possibly be what is interfering with this, but not sure.

Any options or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Reached out to support. They are supposed to contact me. They are checking to see if the trial version is interfering with my purchased CamPlus subscription and causing the issue.

This is exactly what I am seeing on Android.
Beta Version 2.17.6
CAM V3 (x2)

I was wondering how the AI would be trained without tagging of some sort, I do wonder, should I keep sending untagged video? Are the untagged videos being looked at by some humans to verify and get tagged? If they are being ignored, staff/support should chime in and have us not send in video until it’s fixed,

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I am on android and when I go to submit I have a small box at the bottom with all the options I can select before I submit ( as you SHOULD be seeing). I’ll screenshot it when I get home and see if II cant see a difference in our respective setups

in the mean time I would send in logs stating you dont have an option to tag AI submissions and attach screenshots. being on Beta our logs go right to the devs. that would probably help them the most.

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I will check for the box. I did send in the logs. Funny thing is the iOS device I have actually allows for Tag picking. But as with Android, I don’t see any of the additional items in CamPlus for notations like Package, or Vehicle.

Looking forward to the image.

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This is how mine looks with the beta, I should note that with the main I do not have the box, it’s just a yes/no(cancel)

I have submitted my log as well.

So here are a couple of frames from mine as to what mine look like on the events page and mentioned submit buttons

And as you can see in the last picture I am getting ready to submit that as tagged as a positive person detection thus the reason person is highlighted.

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Unfortunately, This is what I see and apparently others:

I do see the tags if I use my iOS device. However, on both Phones, I do not see the new CamPlus options. I only see the Person Detection Option.

@Bam, I am curious on the device you are using and the OS Version. I am on a Pixel 5 running Android 11 build RQ1D.210105.003.

I am asking because my main screen minus he buttons at the bottom (Header only), is different since updating to Android 11.

Here is what Mine looks like:

Notice where the clock is Batter location etc.


This it works for some and not others is not going to make it frustrating, so I guess we need to know the differences in our phones to try and help the devs?

That would be great… I provided my specs above. However, here are a few additional items (Just noting my settings):

Settings inside of the Wyze App

  1. HW Decoder is off (in Wyze app setting)
  2. Running in Background is off (in Wyze app setting)
  3. I do have 1 Trial version of CamPlus available (came with my V3)
  4. I do have 1 purchased license of CamPlus from what I purchased.

Settings on my Phone for the App

  1. Notificaions: Pop On Screen (On), Lock Screen (Show all notification content), Show Notification Dot, Override Do Not Disturb
  2. Permissions: Files and Media
  3. Mobile Data & WiFi: Background Data (On), Unrestricted Data Usage (On)
  4. Battery: Background Restriction (Background usage cannot be restricted), Battery Optimization (Not Optimized)
  5. Open By Default (not set)
  6. Display over other apps (Not allowed)

Additional items

  1. I have run the ADB command to ensure I get the notifications in a timely fashion.

So these are the basic settings I have.

Hope you can compare to yours and provide the differences.

the only thing I can think of that might be making the difference is the cam plus trial. I dont remember if you have the full submit options when you have the active trial or not. but I know someone who might have some insight on that

@Brlepage do you remember if you have all the AI tagging options when you have an active trial for cam plus on the cameras?

and as for my set up, im running an older phone by todays standards but it’s still going strong. im running a VS996 lg V30. not even sure how old the OS is on it. I’ve lost track. I do some testing of other things as a hobby so i bop between a few different devices.

Thanks - from the screen, it does look like an older version of the OS. @jacksan1 has an older version of the OS and is not experiencing any of the lag we are all experiencing, even when the phone is a sleep and not on a charger.

I have been in conversation with @Ken.S about some of this, it indicated that he does have a trial license as well as purchased licenses of CamPlus (@Ken.S correct me if I misspoke here) and does not have the same issue with the tags.

It is interesting how many of us have different experiences with the same process. I am hoping it has to do with the Trial License, but seeing that you have a different OS, maybe it can be attributed to that as well.

Will wait to see what Wyze has to say as well. @Bam, as a Forum Maven, maybe you can give them a little nudge :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for the feedback

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one of the other issues that was run into years ago when I was testing things ( not Wyze) were the different “skins” that each carrier puts on the OS with the obvious exception of Google. this was years ago that this caused a lot of interference for developers as it effected many of the ways the Android UI actually ran leading to much more testing needed for apps, I’m not sure how prevalent the issue might be in this day and age, but it’s something that popped to mind considering the multitude of differences and issues the Wyze community runs into. next time I speak with some PM’s or dev’s I’ll try to remember to ask how or even IF they have to combat something like that. im sure it’s something the mods and my fellow mavens would love to know as well and would be info we could use to demystify issues in the community ( hopefully to solve some stuff as well)

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Appreciate that.

I purchased my Pixel from Google directly as an unlocked phone. I am on the Verizon Wireless Network. Nothing from Verizon has been added to the phone. So I think that I am a vanilla as you can get. But, I have seen stranger things.

Hopefully you will hear something.

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