No sound after sound event notification

I have 2 new V2 Wyze cameras. I use just Android devices.
I have them set up to monitor sound. The sound notification
does work, but during event playback, there is no sound.
I have checked and double-checked sound settings as mentioned
here and elsewhere to no avail.
When watching live video, and sound on, I can hear sound. No problem
During event playback, I hear absolutely nothing. I have friend with the
same issue. I have the same problem on 2 V1 cameras.

Any suggestions out there?


@Ralphy Welcome to the community. Are both v2 cams doing this?
If the speaker icon lower left of the screen is turned on you should hear sound. Check the speaker/sound icon to be sure.
When it is off it has an"x" in front of the small speaker. If everything is turned on as you say, then it could be a defective unit.

If you can’t get this issue resolved here on the forum, I would contact support Wyze app > Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. Include the log with the camera by checking Send Log File at the bottom.


I have Apple iOS and Android devices. They all show the same problem.

I have the camera set up for motion sound detection.
I’m the room with the camera and make a noise
I hear the noise on my device
I get a notification that noise was detected
I play back the video and hear absolutely nothing; not even a hissing sound.

Again, all my tablets, phones behave the same. A friend has the same issue.
I’m really hoping we’re doing something wrong here, but I’m out of ideas.

The only relevant thing I can recall is that there was an update installed on my new V2 cams I bought, and a short time ago, I think, there was an update on the V1 cameras.

I do recall, quite a while ago, getting a sound notification on a V1 camera that was thunder. I could hear it then on the playback.

Any advice, ideas appreciated.

I’m using Android as well. All my v2 cams have the latest firmware v4.9.4.108 release date July 8, 2019. The playback sound works on my devices. It seems like the last FW release affects some devices and not others. You could try to install the last working firmware and see if this corrects the sound issue.

Well I’m not sure what to think now. I just installed another camera and the sense kit. Once done, I noticed I’m now hearing sound from all my event recordings. I really don’t get it.

Thanks for the tips. Will sure keep them in mind.

Also must say in quite impressed on how fast and easy it is to setup these devices. Good job Wyze.

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Awesome! Glad it’s working for you. :slightly_smiling_face: