No Response for Return

I requested a return 5 days ago with no reply. My ticket number is 296514.

Is there a better way to get in contact with customer support? I just need a return mailing label.

@rdizzo Welcome! You have done the right thing by posting your ticket number here on the forum. @WyzeGwendolyn will be able to help you with this return Monday when they get back in the office.


Thank you @StopICU33! @WyzeGwendolyn, FYI, the email associated with the order is spelled incorrectly so please use the email associated with the support ticket and my account. Thanks!


Good to know! I’ll look into your ticket now. Thanks for posting and thank you to @StopICU33 for bringing me over here. :slight_smile:

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Looks like one of our agents got to you before I did! :slight_smile:

Just in time. Thanks!

You’re welcome! Have a lovely day. :slight_smile: