No picture, black screen, infrared lights on....

i have a brand new WyzeCam 2.0 that only worked for about 6 hours. It is now stuck with a black and gray picture. I tried disconnecting the camera, restarting the app, rebooting the router and nothing. It also has the latest firmware update.

To add to that, I deleted the camera from the app and tried to set it up as a new device but I cant scan the QR code because the camera cant see it since its stuck with a black and gray screen. It is now a paper weight on top of my desk.


Any help would be appreciated.

Factory reset the device by holding the setup button down 20-30 seconds while the camera is powered.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to reflash the firmware as described in this link:

Reset didnt work. So now I have to buy an SD card in order to flash the firmware? This is getting a little ridiculous.

Im having the very same issue. Also had no luck with a reset. Im confused as to the need to purchase an SD card to do a flash to correct this issue.
I just submitted a support ticket online as well. If the response is the same i may return it via Amazon and leave an appropriate review in their website.

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I was able to get someone via Twitter and they actually helped me out. They ended up sending me a replacement. Ive had it now for almost two weeks and had no issues with it. Try it out im sure they’ll want to help you out. Especially since this is something that should be addressed sooner or later with a firmware update or whatever it is they need to do because otherwise the cameras are ornaments.

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