No Person Under Notifications

Why don’t I have the option to have notifications sent when my cam only detects motion from a person anymore? I am only given two options now which are motion and sound. These are insufficient for my needs.

My firmware is

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did you sign up to try and get selected for this person detection Beta run?

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What beta run. The option was until the last update and now it is gone. I am getting fed up with all of these updates and features going away. I know they were having issues with the AI.

That suggests a Cam Pan? Irregardless, yes, they did remove the feature as per the last two changelogs: and and (v2) and

  • Removed XNOR person detection

Hi @jadesse. I would recommend reviewing the below thread. It will most likely answer your questions about person detection. If you still have questions, please let us know. :slight_smile:


I remember reading something about that but I still fail to see why the option person was removed from the notification setting. You can still filter events by person or by device. You can share an event with wyze and it still asks if you saw a person or not.

If this is really about some squabble with the AI provider the that is fine. However I would think you would need to remove all references of person from you software until you implement your own AI.

Hi @jadesse. When the app and firmware with person detection is out of testing and released to the public, then it will be available to everyone again. You also have the option of joining the beta program and signing up to be whitelisted for the person detection. However, please keep in mind the waiting list is very long. All of this was detailed in the thread I referenced to you before.

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