No notifications on android with Cam-Plus

I recently purchased a cam plus subscription for my v3 which has had problems intermittently since then, until this week when I received zero notifications. When I unassign the subscription, I get notifications just fine (albeit only 12 seconds of course). When I activate the subscription the cam still records events but I stop getting notification either by push or in the app itself. I went through all the settings, talked with support, etc but the only way I can get push notifications to work is by removing the cam plus subscription. Cam plus is pretty useless for me if I cant get notifications when customers are arriving.

You Might be having this issue:

I sure am! Thank you. Glad to see I’m not alone but sad to see there’s no current fix. I’ll leave my cam plus turned off for now to make sure I at least get notifications even if only 12 seconds

I’ve got Cam Plus and has been working great, until last night at 5:45PM. I signed up for the CamPlus Lite for the only three cameras that didn’t have CamPlus two days ago. Now only motion detection works, not person or pet, etc. on any camera. Every camera stopped detecting person at the same time, but is still recording for more than 12 seconds. Turned off CamPlus, but so far no person or pet has been detected.

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me also. hooked up the V3 again after a move, and no push notifications. all settings correct, checked with chat support to make sure. cam and app up to date. event recording works fine as it picks up the insane amount of trafic on my dead end street. not so much when someone walks down the front of the house more than 40’ from cam.
running android 10 so no problem there.
sure hope for a solution as real time alerts have proved useful in the past

I got all of my cameras to work correctly and with more effective identification of people, pets, etc. After a week, tried resetting several cameras to no positive effect. Then I did this and all of them started working and are still working. Did this in this order. It may not be required, but here is what worked for me. 1. Remove Cam Plus from all cameras. 2. Reboot the cameras. 3. Force stop the Wyze application on the phone and clear the cache for the application. 4. Restart the application. 5. Add Cam Plus to a camera. 6. Verify it works. 7. Reboot the camera. 8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for each additional camera. Tried lots of other fixes, but this worked and all of my Outdoor, V2 and V3’s are now working consistently for more than a week. For a year before doing this, two cameras never detected my dogs, a V3 was not detecting people and one of the outdoor cameras was only detecting a person one out of 10 times. So, I highly recommend doing this if you are not getting the detection of people, pets, vehicles or packages as is being promoted by Wyze. P.S. Another interesting thing that I don’t understand but like is that three cameras that are shared from a relatives account at their house now show “people and pet” detection, when they never did before. Update 3/26. The CamPlus people and pet detection has been working flawlessly since I did the steps above.

Today I noticed I am NOT receiving any push notifications for my Cam Pan with CamPlus on. BOTH the app itself and the firmware are UP-to-DATE.

I re-started my phone and checked for updates again. I checked the WYZE app Notifications settings and they are all ON.

Also, regarding the Event Recording menu, then Smart Detection menu for the Cam Pan, every time I turn ON the AI notifications of Package, Barking, Meowing, and Crying, they turn OFF when I back out of the menu. There’s NO Save button. WYZE sent out an email end of January explaining Cam Plus users were getting it first to try out. Well, I can’t keep the buttons turned on for these notifications.

I just turned up the Detection Sensitivity to 100%. Before that it was around 80%. ALSO had to turn on “Running in the Background” under “App Settings” from the Account button. Just started getting the Notifications. I never had to to that before!! This is the ONLY way I can get notifications. Frustrating. WHAT changed??

I still can’t get the CamPlus Smart Detection to stay ON. It turns off when back out of the menu. There is NO Save button. Package, Barking, Meowing & Crying won’t stay ON no matter what. In WYZE’s January Newsletter, they said it was being rolled out in beta so Cam Plus users can be the first to use it, but it won’t stay on, so there’s no way to use it! ughhhh…