No notifications for AI events still

Still no notifications for AI detections. Person, vehicles, pets etc nothing triggers notifications. What’s the update? When i search for it no one seems to know anything.
Today is September 29 at 8 pm

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I have been getting notifications all day. 77 today. Person, Pet, and Vehicle.

What update are you referring to? What are you searching for?

Are you getting full length Events but no notifications?

You have the Beta Badge. Are you testing the Beta App or Beta Firmware on your cams?

Correct on being a beta tester. Running firmware
I’ll check in with the beta category in case this is on their side.

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I am testing that beta on one of my V3 w\ today’s app update and it is notifying AI as designed.

Shouldn’t be any residual affect from the recent outage. My only suggestion would be a cache clear and then an incremental system equipment reboot from the cam, app and device to see if something grabs updated notification settings from the server.

Can you answer this?

what does your event tab looks like? So you arnt getting ai tags and no ai notifications? Are you getting events atleast? Are the events just tagged as motion? Do you have cam plus or can plus lite? If you want, a troubleshooting step is to return to the production firmware and see if that clears things up. Thanks!

I have Cam Plus on my Video Doorbell. This past week or so the event notifications’ accuracy has tanked. It used to trigger every time vehicles or people passed in front of my house, and now only does so about 50% of the time. For instance, today it recognized both the USPS truck and a person walking their dog merely as just “motion” (whose notification triggering I have turned off to eliminated constant notifications). In the past, AI events such as vehicles and people (whose notifications I have turned on) triggered my phone. Earlier this morning it DID notify me with vehicle detection when my neighbor pulled out of her driveway and when the Recycle truck passed by and also triggered a person notification when I exited and entered via my front door. So what can account for the “hit and miss” I recently have begun experiencing?

So what I did to get this resolved on the Cam V3, which basically had the same or even worse issue, is I went into the specific cameras settings → “Notifications” and turned everything off ->backed out to settings ->“Event Recording” → “Smart Detections” and turned everything off → backed up to “Event Recording” turned off all events. → Backed up to “Settings” → Went into “Detection Zone” cleared it and turned it off-> Backed up to “Settings” → Restarted the camera. I then set it all up But made sure the “Event Recording” and “Notifications” matched.

Note: Just having the Event Recording and Notifications match but not going through the steps didn’t resolve the issue.

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