No more dancing around it. Can you fix audio issues with Wyze v3 cameras?

Most the audio complaints are from users using the Wyze App and saying there is static noise and unable to hear audio over that,

All 16 of my V3’s do not have this issue.

I only use the Wyze App or the newly created Wyze Web Viewer on a PC web browser, do not have any Alexa devices.

I have also terrible audio. We can’t even understand what people are talking about even if they are loud and clear, right in front of the camera.

A lot of static and I believe there is some sort of a noise suppression algorithm is running. Can anyone tell me what is the Web Viewer and how to access it?


Currently only CamPlus users can access it at Live stream - Wyze

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Thank you, I was able to login but unlike the app I get no audio (I unmuted the stream) is there anything else I should be doing?

Yesterday in Web Viewer I had audio, today I don’t?

This is still in Beta testing so probably an issue with Wyze

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My v3 could probably pick up an explosion or car crash as well. A dog barking is a sound that we can identify. A voice is something we need to not only identify; we must also comprehend it as well. My v3 cameras all have white noise hissing.


@kansascitygreek Okay here is yet another test, every one of my 16 V3 cameras have good audio

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Tried all my V3 cameras and here is the worst case scenario, V3 is 12 feet up a tree.
If viewing on a computer with good speakers and audio cranked up there is some white noise but you still can hear me.

All other of my 15 V3 cams audio was good and I had no issue hearing and understanding audio.

Don’t know what you all expect from a cheap camera that costs Wyze less than $8-14 to manufacture and ship to U.S.A. , bet the microphone is about 50 cents or less…

The issue is that the audio quality was fine on the V2 cams, but there appears to be common issues with the audio on the V3 cams.

But I suppose it’s possible that a manufacturing decision was made - perhaps the microphones in the V3s are not as consistent or good quality as those in the V2s?? Or perhaps there are problems only with a certain batch of V3s produced during a certain timeframe.

Regardless, some acknowledgement from Wyze would be appreciated.

I doubt that as I bought 1 to test on pre-order, then the rest at different times as I expanded my system or replaced my V2 cams.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… but I expect a camera that is advertised with certain features to work as advertised… regardless of price point. If it advertises two way audio communication, it implies that communication will be able to take place. It would be better to disable that ability and state it is not a feature than to have customers purchase it and expect it to work and it’s usable… when it’s garbled or has unending static.


The V3’s works well for me as you could hear on my side door video and other videos in this post above, the V3 up a tree 12 feet was okay and audio was intelligible too although some white noise.

I Flagged this entire post/thread for a Wyze Staff member to comment, hopefully they do but odds are low as most the staff is too busy looking for new products to push on us over fixing issues / Firmware / Software which has been an issue ever since Wyze diverted from a camera only company sadly.


According to the Moderator that I flagged this entire post to you all need to open support tickets so Wyze is aware of this issue :exclamation: Like no one has not - HaHa

Then reference this post in your created support ticket too :exclamation:

And might as well post all your support ticket numbers here for visibility, then maybe Wyze will acknowledge, but doubtful :rofl:


Looks like there is a new update for V3’s that may also kill the speaker as posted here on the forum
V3 Speaker no longer works after current update

EDIT 11-4-2020 23:24
Just updated 1 of my V3’s to version (one that hasn’t found a permanent location yet) and it still behaves as it did prior.

The microphone and Speaker in camera still work as they did on previous firmware version, I can hear audio from camera microphone and hear audio from camera speaker.

I still will wait a bit before updating the other 15 V3 cameras but this one updated without any issues (so far)

They have known about this then

I heard that one perfectly. I’m not so fortunate. I suppose it differs based upon where you are listening from as to the camera’s location. My above door V3 hears well…but I suspect that’s due to the sound being confined in the small porch area and not dissipating. Your one on your driveway was difficult to hear. My porch cams hear white static noise when live streaming and when they hear a voice…it’s not understandable.

I’ve filed so many reports about the noise issue and received no solution that I gave up…which is exactly what they want, apparently.

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Please post all those ticket numbers, so it is in Wyze’s face…

@WyzeChao here is my Wyze-Cracker Scientific V3 vs. V2 Audio test. Highly scientific as I used shipping tape to mount V2 next to V3.

There is a difference between the 2 cameras and the V2 has better audio but both do get the audio.
You can even hear my remote alarm keypad announcing the door being opened for further audio…

V2 event below:

V3 event below:

The V3 Wyze Cam Audio definitely could use some improvement but your hardware may be the limiting factor here as maybe the vendors that make the cams you sell are 2 different Chinese manufacturers? - Or some one has chosen a cheaper microphone and audio I.C. chip / audio processor?


Okay Wyze here is your next product, Just don’t screw up the firmware and software…LOL
A future product from Wyze - “The Wyze Crapper” Bidet

New upcoming Wyze product nicknamed “The Wyze-Crapper” a Wyze WiFi Bidet although a firmware bug might scare the crap out of me. :rofl::poop:

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Update tried to message Wyze Staff directly: @WyzeChao

Funny when trying to message Wyze Staff Members the messages are blocked it appears (SAD)

I sent this message to Chaozhang and many other Wyze Staff yet it is not in my messaging folder, this is poor customer relations and speaks volumes to their lack of concern with customer issues :rage:

----------- Message below is what was sent to many Wyze Staff Members -----------

Chaozhang since you liked the audio test I did in the post 27 “No more dancing around it. Can you fix audio issues with Wyze v3 cameras?” Please review post 38.

There is a considerable difference in audio from a V2 versus a V3, and Wyze needs to address this for your customers and Wyze’s reputation :exclamation:

A little odd, since his profile says:

Let me know if you have any question or feedback about any camera products.

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