"No micro SD Card Installed" message?

I bought 5 of the original Wyze cams 3-years ago and have no complaints, Recently, I had one that went out and was not overly concerned or surprised, as it was the only one that was located outside. Not directly located iwhere it could be rained on or receive a lot of direct sunlight, but I figured a couple of years of hot and cold weather probably got to it.

My questions here are out of the four I have left, in the past few months, 3 of them now have a “No micro SD card installed” message when I select “View playback.” Is this normal? Do cards go out that often? I haven’t used playback much at all . And I’ve tried taking them out, reinserting and/or trading them out among the cameras. These cameras are all located inside and out of any adverse temps or conditions.


Yes, SD cards DO fail. The memory has a finite number of write cycles. There are high endurance cards that are far better for video cameras, but even those do have a finite number of write cycles. I have 19 cameras and I have had a few cards fail. It will happen.

I’ve had this happen to my camera in the garage. If I remember correctly, I had to take it out, reformat it on my PC, and put it back in. Then I think it worked and was recognized again. I haven’t had any SD cards fail yet so far since I’ve purchased the original wyze cam but I have read about others having issues.

Yes, SD cards do fail and is not that uncommon. You can just switch card with one of your other cameras to check if its the card or camera.