No Micro SD card installed error on Cam Pan


App: iOS 2.21.26 (beta)
Log: 223409

Issue: Micro SD card not detected after Cam Pan is rebooted or loses power

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ensure Cam Pan can detect SD card and is recording

  2. Reboot Cam manually or through the app

  3. Cam should give “No Micro SD card installed” error

  4. Reboot Cam

  5. SD card will be recognized and recording will continue.

Proposed resolution:

Debugging is required in order to determine why the pan cam fails to recognize the micro SD card after a power cycle unless another power cycle is performed.

Note: this has been an ongoing issue that I have reported multiple times however, this is the first time I have been able to consistently reproduce the issue and find the cause.

If anyone else wants to see if they can reproduce this problem, please do so and post your logs here for wyze engineers to look over.

I have not had an issue with uSD card failing to be read in either of my two Pan cameras.
I do BTW, have one of my three year old V2 cameras that did have the card slot die.

I found that some of my v2 cameras will have an apparent sd card failure, until I take the sd card to the computer and delete old recordings manually, and then put the card back in the camera. From what I can tell, if the sd card is full, and you have files in the record folder that do not have matching files in the alarm folder, the camera just freaks out and ignores the card.

Interesting thing is, a simple reboot fixes the issue and the card is readable until the camera somehow loses power again.

A reboot fixed the problem temporarily for me, until it ran out of disk space again, and couldn’t delete the files in the record folder that didn’t have matching alarm snapshots.