No mic capabilities on Windows 10 for headphones

I have my headphones paired with my Windows 10 laptop but it’s only able to play audio. The mic is currently not being recognized and doesn’t show up. The mic was working when I first paired the headphones with my laptop but stopped and I don’t know why. I’ve tried removing the headphones and pairing it again and also turned both devices off/on multiple times.


Exactly the same here.

Slight tangent: I bought a set of headphones on kickstarter about 6 months ago.
Had the same issue, worked with android phone and ipad, but not Win10.
They told me it was a BT firmware issue on the headphones.
I ended up returning those headphones.

No word from Wyze on this? Same problem here. And honestly, what good are these if I can’t use them on my laptop as well as my phone. Damn it.