Headphones - No mic. No Touch and no wired on phone

First, my primary use for the headphones is actually wired and not bluetooth.

Here is my list of issues:

  1. Can’t get the mic to work on any of my computers (desktop or laptops) or OSes using any audio cable.
  2. Can’t get the headset to work with my phone’s headset jack. No audio and no mic.
  3. Touch for Google Assistant - nothing!

The headset is on the latest firmware and I was able to pair it my phone. I’m also on the most recent app release.

Mic will not work wired
You would need a 4 wire cable TRRS for mic function which is not compatible with the headphones
Bluetooth is the only way to have that functionality
Girl friend is on support desk and uses them Bluetooth linked to computer and thinks they work great
Wired works only with headphones powered OFF

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Thank you so much for that info. For all the cheap Chinese headsets I’ve used over the years I never would have guessed that it wouldn’t work this way.