Wyze Headphones - Audio Cable No Mic Support?

I see that the included audio cable is only a 3.5 stereo cable and doesn’t include mic support. Is this because the actual headphone jack also does not support mic. Really disappointed that I cannot use a cable to the headphone with a mic. This seems like a huge over site in functionality.

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It’s normal for wireless headphones to include just a stereo cord, no mic. It’s really just there so you can continue to use the headphones if the battery dies.
Even $400 Bose and Sony ANC headphones don’'t include a mic in the cable.

Looks like they were thinking of doing more than just what competitors do and the connector does support Mic as long as you have a cable for it.

Check your cable. Does it have a built-in mic?

Wyze Headphones don’t include an AUX cable with a built-in microphone. If you’re using the headphones plugged into another device, like a gaming console, you must use a cable with a built-in mic.

The included 3.5 mm “TRS” or tip-ring-sleeve cable does not have a microphone. You must purchase a third-party “TRRS” (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) cable with a built-in microphone.