No iOS beta build of 2.42.0 will scrub Cam v3 Playback timeline w/ firmware

After upgrading my Cam v3s to beta firmware this morning, I noticed I could not select or play any of the Playback events (on the SD Card) using the timeline without getting an “Operation failed” error. In TestFlight, I attempted to revert the beta app from 2.42.0 (20) to (14), and (4) to no avail. The error does not appear to occur on my single Cam v2 ( or Pan v2 ( under any of those versions.

I was able to get past the error by reverting the beta app back to (28), the latest of that version available in TestFlight.

I do not know:

  1. If the problem existed with the previous v3 cam firmware. (I do not have the opportunity right now to downgrade one of my v3s).
  2. If the problem is being caused by the beta cam firmware or the beta app. (If the app, I’m concerned that 2.4.2 (20) is now a release candidate.)

Anyone find the same or different, please post your respective versions so perhaps we can narrow down the source.


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iPhone 13 with IOS 16.5 and app version 2.42.0 (20) on V3 cameras with firmware working fine. No problem moving along the timeline on uSD card recordings (continuous recording).

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No problems encountered here. I would restore beta app version 2.42.0(20), leave v3 cams at, powercycle the cams (literally cut power/restore power) and if you still encounter issues, send an app log and post the Log ID for the developers.

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I appreciate the responses. I tested further via iPadOS 16.5 and iOS 16.5 with beta app 2.42.0 (20), clearing the app cache, and restarted several of the cams to no avail. (Once again reverting to (28) on both devices resolves the error.)

I submitted a log 1050592 and referenced back to this post. In others folk’s experiences, do I also have to open a support ticket or will the Wyze devs have what they need here?


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No. Support doesn’t handle beta actions and they don’t pass beta stuff on to devs. Just posting the Log ID in the associated beta topic with as much supporting evidence and/or steps to reproduce is what the devs are looking for. In your case, you should post in the topic for the latest beta Wyze app and possibly the beta v3 topic. Not sure if your issue is app or firmware so double posting will get Wyze attention.

Would you like me to merge this topic to the beta topic? You can also just make a post in Wyze Cam v3, Pan v2 & v3 Pro Firmware Beta Test 5/17/2023 with Log ID and add a link back to this topic.

Thanks @Seapup I’ll take care of the posts tomorrow.

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Sorry, just saw this. iPad Pro here running iPadOS 16.5 and in the Wyze Beta program. Three v3 cams each running Beta app 2.42.0 (20) and Beta firmware 32GB SanDisk SD cards (FAT-32) in each that have been working previously. Getting the same “Operation failed” error message whenever I try to play an event from the timeline. All events seem to record just fine, just can’t play them back. Same thing on all three cams.

Hi, are you still experiencing this issue on 2.42 official app? If so could you please provide me with a snapshot of issue and a devicelog? Thank you!

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What does" snapshot of the issue" mean? A screen shot? If so, there is already my video and the screenshot from @milehiguy here… :thinking:

And do you need another devicelog or is the one I posted here sufficient?

Could you please repro this issue one more time and pass me a devicelog. The reason for the snapshot or screenrecord is for confirming the timestamp so we could locate in the log.

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Ok, submitted. 624126

Yes, definitely still happening on all three of my v3 cams (the only ones I have SD cards in). Official app version 2.42.0 (23) with firmware on all three of them. As I mentioned previously, Events Only recording turned on and the events are recorded properly on the timeline in green, but the “Operation failed” message flashes briefly whenever I try to view one of them. I think I know how to submit a Log, but remind me how to send a snapshot. There used to be a large white mouse cursor on my Home screen that MIGHT have been for this purpose, but I may have turned it off. TIA

You can take a screenshot while getting the error and when you submit the log, attach the screenshot file. Then post the log number here.

Hello @WyzeDesmond … just submitted log ID: 1062784 and attached a screenshot. Actually it’s a frame grab (of a screen recording) that shows the error message. Couldn’t do a screenshot because the error message appears then goes away quickly. Hopefully this will help. Nearly certain all three SD cards are Ok, even reformatted one of them on my PC and retested.

Latest beta 2.43.0 (5) does not correct the issue. However, now the error is “Action failed”.

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Can confirm

As I posted in the early stage of this thread, I had no problem on my ^%$#@ iPhone 13 2.42.0 and V3 firmware - same situation with 2.43.0 (5) and V3 firmware Working fine.

At first blush, beta 2.44.0 (3) appears to have potentially (and finally) addressed this issue.

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