No internet connection" when I try to access the camera remotely

I continue to get the message “no internet connection” at the opening screen of the Wyze app when I attempt to access it when I’m away from home on my Android phone. I’m able to access anything else internet-wise on my phone. I restarted my phone twice, with no change whatsoever. There’s also no firewall problem as I use Plex and have no problem accessing my home server when I’m away. Is there a setting in the app that I might be overlooking?

Welcome @ratt57

Can you provide a few more pieces of information:

  1. What App Version are you using
  2. What Device is the App running on
  3. What router setup are you using
  4. Do you have any VPN associated to your network
  5. Do you have a Firewall which could be filtering out traffic
  6. Who is your internet Provider

If you are getting the no internet on your phone or device when you first open the app, it could be something related to your phone. VPN’s have posed issues when connecting to Wyze. Google VPN seems to work well.

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