No icon floodlight with cam v3. no floodlight settings. Cam V3 is working

I caved and bought a v2 floodlight…

Don’t you fear it’ll do the same? Although from what I’ve seen there isn’t any removable cables on the v2

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Yeah that thought is in the back of my mind.
The first time around I paid a friend cash to pick one up at Home Depot in the US. I’m in Canada.
This time I paid with my credit card and there’s an extended warranty perk that I’ll leverage if worst comes to worst. I looked at the other options and Wyze is still the most affordable option in my country.

This happened to me, too. It was still during the return period, so I returned it.


This started happening to me as well after one of the firmware updates a few weeks ago. Floodlight no longer recognized and flashes at random times. The hilarious part is that every-time the floodlight randomly flashes (about 50 times per night) it triggers the camera and then I get 50 alerts that motion is detected. It’s like the floodlight is toying with the camera just to be funny. But its not funny because it annoys me and my neighbors. I tried all the suggestions. Especially aggravated because I have 3 sets of cameras with floodlights and 2 sets of doorbells (although no issue with the doorbells).

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I’m very close to buying a v2 flood light. From what I have observed the wire between the camera and the flood assembly is no longer removable. It’s all sealed.

Can anyone confirm? I really don’t want this happening again. It’s ridiculous that it’s broken fro a firmware update

This is completely unacceptable. Worst experience I’ve ever had with a brand. You guys had me all-in on the products until I used this floodlight. I had the whole lot of products paid for and shipped to me…I cancelled every single thing. Gun safe, light sockets, 5 cameras, floodlight, doorbell, lock, alarm, contact sensors, light bulbs - with all the paid subscriptions. Took me less than a week from purchasing the floodlight to understand the mistake I made.

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I wonder why they have these forums if they aren’t going to use the reports to address the problem or at least recruit users to help them solve the problem.

These are user forums. They know the problem but they won’t fix it. Most of their customers are just upgrading to the v2 and it’s working. Until their sales plummet they don’t care :(.

So I remember a few months back Wyze had a DNS issue that allowed people to see someone else’s camera feeds. DNS was obviously not resolving to the correct ip for the camera. I wonder if they are still having DNS issues and that our Floodlights are registered to (pointing/resolving) to someone else’s cameras, such that our Floodlights turn on from someone else’s camera motion. Just a theory but something Wyze should look into.

Having the same exact issue as everyone else here for about a month. Tried everything a thousand times to fix this. Support told me the same thing, wait for firmware updates. Very annoying

I got a new firmware update for my broken camera the other day and it didn’t fix anything.

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Same here, the did nothing. So I contacted support, they had me do an error log dump. Again said wait until the next firmware update when it “might” be fixed. Sounds like a canned response.

The best they’ll do, especially if you’re outside the warranty, is give you a $30 gift certificate.

I guess this is my problem too - noticed the flood light is not coming on with motion. It will record the event but won’t turn on the floodlight. I can’t go to V2 as I use the onboard USB port to power a 2nd camera. Not very good to have a floodlight that won’t turn on.

I started putting them on blast on Facebook on all the ads that come up in my feed. Maybe everyone else should to and will finally get a fix.

Doubtful. I comment on the Facebook Wyze tech support groups and they don’t comment back to it. I haven’t bought the v2 yet afraid of it breaking also