No Garage Door Notifications

I have the notifications enabled but I don’t receive notfications for them. The garage door events list is blank. I only get notified of the motion that is detected by the cam but not for the door itself. There’s the message; “You will not receive the notification…” at the top but they’re on everywhere unless I’m missing something. I also tried power cycling thru the app but it still doesn’t work.

I had that happen once. Had to physically power-cycle the camera/GDC combo to get it back.

If that doesn’t work, recalibrate.

If that doesn’t work, press that Push Notifications link and see if anything needs turning on there. I don’t get that warning message:

Hoping the physical power-cycle corrects all. :slight_smile:

I have had the same issue for months. Multiple power-cycles does not fix it. Recalibration does not fix it. The Account > Push Notifications section is only for motion, but yes, those are on. Now it’s just a very expensive garage-door remote.

P.S. Also, no notifications from my camera with Cam Plus. That broke months ago too. There are multiple threads on this issue.